A work that invites you to undress opens the Festival of Performing Arts

A work that invites you to undress opens the Festival of Performing Arts
A work that invites you to undress opens the Festival of Performing Arts

To the Spanish director and actor Santi Senso fear does not paralyze him, on the contrary, it mobilizes him. It is something strong in him. And that is precisely what he brings to the stage with his construction site The holocaust of love which will be presented this Friday, September 23, at the Matacandelas Theater, with a double function, as part of the 18th Festival of the Performing Arts of Medellín.

There are 20 local actors and actresses, aged between 19 and 50, who are part of the cast. Senso also participates. The music is in charge of César Barco. A work that is, above all, a trip to the past of each person who is on stage, because there are no characters here. It is a return to the first kiss, to memorable places, to where one was born or to someone’s rape.

Real testimonials that will talk about where love truly resides and where it is absentand. The love of families and friends and lovers and city and country. Those experiences and relationships with love will be the starting point to go on stage without rehearsing. Nothing is planned, everything will flow, because as Santi says “you can never improvise an emotion”. That is the proposal: a bombshell of emotions in the theater.

“It is a living, honest, powerful, unique, genuine dramaturgy. It is something that remains there and that will transcend. It is a work that cannot be repeated, neither the testimonies nor the actors. They are going to talk about how they feel love or the non-existence of love in MedellínHow is the culture of love here?

In the last week he has been meeting with the cast at the Teatro Oficina Central de los Sueños, where they made a creation laboratory to understand the language of not rehearsing, of not interpreting emotions, but rather taking them out, letting them transit, getting to know each other. They’ll all go out together. An act of physical and emotional nudity that they will interpret in the language of theater, music, cinema, dance. The language of art unified in an intimate act.

There will be no people who pretend, in this act only honesty is allowed. Those who feel that they must go out naked will have the freedom to do so. “I know that there is a strong catharsis between the cast and the public, it is a ritual in a safe space. It’s not a rehearsed play, so I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

On the emotional love of the paisas, Senso describes him as shy, distant and hidden in the streets. It is a very strong contradiction because “they shake hands when greeting, as if they were throwing a sword that immediately separates them, but at the same time people are very hot”.

The public will have the opportunity to be the protagonist: they will feel a confrontation for a few minutes when listening to the testimonies, they will identify themselves.

The holocaust of love invites you to reflect on what would happen if love ceased to exist? Have children without love? Give a kiss without love? Say good night without love? Go to work without love? What happens when there is no more love? Many questions for one night and a stage full of bodies stripped of everything.

Tickets for this play can be purchased at eticetablanca.com

18 years of the Medellín Theater Festival

The Festival of the Performing Arts returns to make Medellín vibrate, from September 23 to October 1. In total there will be 125 performances in 21 theaters and six special events. For this edition there are invited groups from Spain, Brazil, Ecuador, France, Venezuela, Bogotá, Cali, Valledupar, Pereira, Meta and Manizales. In addition, it will have a quota of local and regional groups from El Carmen de Viboral, Copacabana, Rionegro and Marinilla. One of the great novelties is the redesign of the special events, each one had a new treatment.

“Holding an event of this magnitude leads to synchronizing and connecting many particular experiences of the theaters that are part of the association with a fundamental objective that is to promote and strengthen new audiences. This party is valuable for the city because it is a proposal from the theater guild and connects the theaters of the region to seek a greater projection”, said the director of the Festival of the Performing Arts, Jaiver Jurado.

This edition will feature an academic program on stages such as the Matacandelas Theater, the Plazuela de San Ignacio, the Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater, the Teatro Oficina Central de los Sueños, Casa del Teatro de Medellín, among others.

The program can be consulted on the social networks of Medellín en Escena and Fiesta de las Artes Escénicas, and on the website www.medellinenescena.com.co

What is there to do at the Fiesta?

theatrical grinding

What? Marathon of about 6 hours with theater and performing arts pieces about the mill or sugar mill and the lives that are inhabited there.

When? September 24, 10:00 p.m.

Where? Matacandelas Theater

How much does it cost? $40,000

great art stop

What? Public act to welcome the 18th Festival of the Performing Arts of Medellín: street theater, circus artists, magic boxes, etc.

When? September 25, 3:00 p.m.

Where? Square of San Ignacio

How much does it cost? Free

dance grinding

What? An evening that will bring together urban dance, Caribbean folklore and the Colombian Andean Region, tango, among other sounds. It will convene soloists, couples and groups.

When? September 28, 8:00 p.m.

Where? Pablo Tobon Uribe Theater

How much does it cost? Free

count milling

What? Tradition space in which the department’s storytellers, oral narrators, improvisers and troubadours will be on stage.

When? September 30, 10:00 p.m.

Where? Matacandelas Theater

How much does it cost? $25,000

18th Pinata

What? Children’s and family fringe with puppets, clowns, theater and mimes for Saturday afternoon, with programming in twelve theaters in the city.

When? September 30, 10:00 p.m.

Where? Matacandelas Theater

How much does it cost? $25,000

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