Opening Stage: These are the changes that will govern the massive events from October 1 | arts and culture

Opening Stage: These are the changes that will govern the massive events from October 1 | arts and culture
Opening Stage: These are the changes that will govern the massive events from October 1 | arts and culture

The advance to the stage of Opening in the Plan We continue to take care of ourselves Step by Stepbrought positive news for the entertainment industry, culture and the arts, especially in terms of capacity.

from next saturday October 1stpeople who attend spaces for cultural use and massive events will be able to do so without necessarily wearing a mask, and without having to present the Mobility Pass.

In addition, from that day “the measures of capacity and distances between people for open and closed events and places will be eliminated (ventilation of the latter is also recommended), and the sale and consumption of food in all types of venues is also authorized ” , detail from the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

According to the minister Juliet Brodsky“These new measures mean that we will be able to enjoy cultural activities without the use of masks and without the obligation to present the Mobility Pass, which generated significant access restrictions.”

“To this is added the sale and consumption of food and beverages, which in many cases is essential for the maintenance of certain spaces (…). All this makes us very happy, because not only will we be able to meet again around culture and the arts, but we will be able to do so by looking at each other’s faces, feeling emotions again and being able to share them, at the same time that the artists will be able to see the public reaction,” he added.

The Secretary of State also stated that “This is a new incentive for reactivation that we have been promoting in regions. We want this to be a cultural spring, for people to use the public space but also the venues for art”.

“We value the attitude of dialogue that this government has had, which has understood that culture was not the thinnest thread, but something that had to be looked at as a priority,” said the president of the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Interpreters (SCD), Rodrigo Osorio, who emphasized the security of these spaces.

“In the year 2021, as SCD we carried out clinical trials in which we demonstrated that, with vaccination and the use of a mask, music could return to the stage. It is a tremendous joy that this is definitely happening,” he stressed.

This progress and update of the Plan We Follow Step by Step, announced by the Ministry of Health, takes place in the context of the current situation and the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Current evidence shows that the circulating variants are less serious and the immunity achieved maintains its protection over time, which has caused most countries to begin a gradual opening and de-escalation of prevention and control measures. In Chile, for example, lower rates of serious cases and deaths are observed, as well as a large proportion of the vaccinated population”, they detail from the Mincap.

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