They burned “Sinister Ghosts”, a drawing by Frida Kahlo, to make it NFT

Come along. Now the controversy arose. the world of art in Mexico It’s in shock after a story that surprised everyone. Recently, a digital platform —headed by a millionaire— He decided burn a historic drawing by the renowned artist Frida Kahlo called “Sinister Ghosts”.

What did they burn it for? well for convert the image to an NFT.


This questionable decision, as you can imagine, has caused all kinds of opinions. some are for artistic expressionothers say it is a new way of thinking digital art and some more, flatly, consider it an attack against the artistic heritage of Mexico. Here we tell you a little more about the whole mess.

They burned a drawing of Frida Kahlo

at an event in the past July 30 in Miami, United States, a drawing of Frida Kahlo.

the work is called “Sinister Ghosts”. It is a watercolor drawing that was painted in 1944. It was originally located inside the precious Frida Kahlo Diarybut that page was ripped out by the Mexican artist herself to give it to a friend. From that moment he was following a very long path of exhibitions around the world —especially in Europe.

That was the story of “Sinister Ghosts” until this drawing of Frida Kahlo was valued at 10 million dollars.

Sinister Ghosts // Frida.NFT

The work was left in the hands of a digital platform called Frida.NFT which is headed by Martin MobarakA millionaire —who apparently studied in Mexico. In his biography, this businessman He describes himself as an “art alchemist”.

In his artistic process, the millionaire led an event that has been going viral as the weeks go by. With microphone in hand, while mariachi music played, they played “Sinister Ghosts” in a glass and set it on fire. So, literally, until it was consumed.

They did NFT

Depending on the platform Frida.NFT this work of art Frida Kahlo did not disappear.

In their terms, they ensure that “Sinister Ghosts” it did not burn, nor did it end up in the trash. In reality, they say that she “transitioned” into the Metaverse the moment she was consumed by flames.

And that’s where it gets…interesting? The drawing of Frida Kahlo It became a NFT from which There will only be 10,000 copies in the world.

The platform ensures that the 30% of all the money raised from the sale of these NFT’s will end up in donations for different social causes. “I am proud to say that some world problems will be solved in honor of Frida Kahlo”said the millionaire behind the project who, in addition, assures that is preserving the artistic heritage for eternity.

How are you keeping it? Well, digitally.

The call “art alchemist” created this project so that each person who buys the NFT of “Sinister Ghosts” receive a version PNG of the drawing and another version in 3D that can be visited at metaverse. They will also be part of some special meetings.


Obviously the decision of this millionaire of burn a Frida Kahlo drawing in the name of digital art It has been quite controversial.

capital artan artistic conservation collective, commented on their social networks that we were facing a “attack on the artistic heritage of Mexico”. In an event —who has used the hashtag QuemaronAFrida they called for an investigation into how this act happened and for the physical art to be protected.

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“The paper on which Frida’s work was drawn should continue to exist”He said

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