They burned Frida Kahlo’s work valued at millions of dollars to sell it in NFT

The world of Mexican art is shocked because a businessman decided to burn Frida Kahlo’s work to transfer it to digital art (Photo: special)

After the businessman Martin Mobarak burned one of the works of Frida Kahlovalued in millions of pesos to convert it into 10 thousand NFT’shis action has caused controversy in the art world at an international level.

Since September 22, the video of the moment in which Mexican American Martin Mobarak burned sinister ghostsa drawing by Frida Kahlo that originally had no title because it was part of her daily and that always belonged to private collectorswhich is why little was known about her.

sinister ghosts, valued at $10 million (near 200 million pesos) was burned, as explained by the businessman through frida.nft, to turn it into exclusive NFTs. As read on the site, the 30% of the profits will be donated to different Causes social.

Although the news so far is flooding social networks, the burning was carried out last July 30at a private event, with mariachis and a big party. The businessman, who was surrounded by escortstook out of a case the picture with sinister ghostswhich belonged to him since 2015.

Once out of its protection, Mobarak proceeded to unscrew the frame, remove the drawing and place it in a cup to set it on fire. As the flames turned the work to ashes, it began to play cute little skyperformed by the mariachis present.

“I am proud to say that this event will solve some of the world’s biggest problems in honor of Frida Kahlo”

Sinister Ghosts was one of the many drawings Frida made while in bed, believed to have been under the influence of medicine or alcohol (Photo: screenshot/Frida.nft)

sinister ghosts was made by Frida Kahlo in 1944 in its personal diary during one of the times when he was in bed due to his multiple conditions. The Mexican painter decided start up the sheet and give it to one of his friends, who kept it for a while and then it passed into the hands of different people, some of whom came to exhibit it, mainly in Europe.

The work represents a part of her life when she was already in bed Most of the time, due to the pain she had due to the failures of the back operations, she was confined to a metal sack that kept her in one position (…) at that time she was under the effect of morphine”, commented the businessman in an interview for the YouTube channel FridaNFT.

After several years that this drawing belonged to different collectors, a friend of Martin Mobarak informed him that the work was for sale, so he decided to buy it in 2015.

Frida.nft is determined to do more of these kinds of events to raise funds for donations (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)
Frida.nft is determined to do more of these kinds of events to raise funds for donations (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)

The reason why the businessman decided to burn this work was because, he assured, it is a way of moving to digital art through NFTs and because, turning it into items virtual, will last forever, “immortalizing her”.

“Turning this work into an NFT is the way in which we can immortalize the works and her life, we are doing the bridge between traditional art and new art, which is digital art (…) Frida was a person who liked to give. It’s something that will generate controversywith this we can ensure success From this project”

In addition to this, he stated that frida.nft seeks to obtain funds through this type of performances and NFTs for different causes. “This platform is a platform that we are designing to perpetually generate funds for foundations that we choose. These foundations can have some assurance that there is always some help for them,” he assured.

Martin Mobarak grew up in the Mexico Cityin a Lebanese-Mexican home, falling in love with Frida Kahlo from his youth thanks to his recurrent visits to her museum-house, according to what he told the site Exeleon.

According to your profile LinkedInMobarak studied Administration at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) , in addition to cyber security on the University of Miami. He has worked in different companies as CEO.


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