Nena Daconte faces her ghosts from the past in her book

Nena Daconte faces her ghosts from the past in her book
Nena Daconte faces her ghosts from the past in her book

Mai Meneses, known as Baby DaconteHe still has a lot to give us. In his recent book memories publishes a harrowing account of the “success limits“, its heartbreak for the music, his relations more stormy, their fears and insecurities which caused it to crumble and drift down the path of self destructionthe drugs and the alcohol.

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writing as therapy

Nena Daconte dusted off her notebook again, but this time she wasn’t doing it to compose songs. She took a pen and began to write her lifethe cante needed to put its ideas Y heal. After a month of writing in which he narrated the story of his life, kept in a boxn. And after months of oblivion, Ángel Martín’s book fell into his hands, after reading it he decided that he should publish his own. “In my book, in the part of mental health It is quite important, it has a lot of weight and I thought that, just like me, Ángel’s book had helped me and made meI feel less alone. So I thought that maybe my book could serve”.

The b-side of success

Fame is not all a path of roses, it also has its dark side. problems of anxiety, self esteem, failureddifficulty managing success… a series of circumstances can cause you to hit rock bottom and lead you to consume certain substances. A stage of self-destruction that the artist has suffered and that she recounts in her book.

“There were many things, but, above all, I had a very big problem with unsafetythe very low self esteem and then I started to develop the impostor syndrome. So everything that happened to me thought that I didn’t deserve itthat I wasn’t trained to be where we were at the time. All that it hurt me a lot and little by little I had to go working it”.

Being so self-critical destroyed her life

The singer acknowledges that she has always been very self-criticism and added to his low self esteem it did not allow him to live in consonance. But, thanks to psychological help he has managed to “turn from darkness to light”. “You have to ask for help when you face a problem, something you don’t know how to manage, and from there do a job of therapy. I read many self help booksThey helped me a lot. And little by little, I’ve gone coming out. I have been having more love towards me ye trying not to destroy me.”

The torment of his romantic relationship with Kim Falo

They not only formed the duo, which catapulted them to fame, but they were a couple. In his book he talks about that toxic relationship that harmed him in many moments. “In the beginning, the truth was that it was a very good relationship.. He supported me a lot, always encouraged me in everything. But, when we stopped being a couple, we kind of started distance ourselves and things started to go regular”.

A 2023 full of projects

After the publication of the book, Nena Daconte, does not stop. The singer is in the final stages of her new album. “I already have it recorded. It is in the mixing phase. She affirms that she is very happy with the result and that she is looking forward to seeing it come to light. “They are very pipes and try a little to recover the spirit of the 90s that surrounded me to start making music”. A project that will come to light in March 2023.

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