From sexual calls to teasing an indigenous group: the scandals of the eternal secret love between Carlos and Camilla Parker

King Charles and the queen consort, Camilla Parker, intensely live what is perhaps one of the best moments of their controversial and scandalous relationship.

A romance that seems to be taken from a television series, which bordered on illegality and which has divided the British people.

And just as Camilla endured public ridicule for being the lover, the stark paparazzeos of the press, and the fact of not possessing the angel of the late Diana of Wales.

For his part, Carlos has never known about popularity – and what that entails – nor has he been the favorite of anything or anyone, well, perhaps that of the new and the ex, as Daddy Yankee would say.

For this reason, in times when the new king has arrived in the British monarchy, a review of some of the scandals of the royal family carried out by the eldest son of Elizabeth II does not hurt.


The so-called hot: The Camillagate (or tampongate)

In 1993, a medium leaked the transcript of a phone call between Carlos and Camilla when they were lovers. A hot conversation dating from 1989, and that Diana would have heard a month after separating from the new king of England, calling it “disgusting”.

In one of the lines, Carlos expresses that he wants to be a tampon to be inside Camilla. Leave it up to there, no more, we didn’t want to know so much!


The new and the ex

On July 29, 1981, during the royal marriage between Diana and Carlos, he himself had no better idea than to invite Camilla – who was also in white, the patúa – and tell her in private that he was always going to love her, minutes after swearing “eternal love” to Lady Di.

Camilla Parker at the wedding of Lady Di and Carlos
Camilla Parker at the wedding of Lady Di and Carlos

I congratulate you how well you act

After a year of speculation about the reasons for the break between Diana of Wales and the current King of England, in December 1992 and after 11 years of marriage, Carlitos admits before the television cameras that he was unfaithful to his wife with his eternal secret love: Camilla Parker.

The revealing interview was broadcast in 1994 on the ITV television network and on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his investiture as Prince of Wales. The program was titled “Carlos: the private person, the public role.”

Charles of Wales
Charles of Wales

expectation versus reality

Camilla could not think of a better idea than to imitate Diana with her famous “revenge dress”. It should be remembered that Lady Di wore a sexy black dress after Carlos admitted to having been unfaithful on television.

Something that the current queen consort wanted to do when she separated from her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles in 1995 -who was also unfaithful with Carlos- but it did not go as well as she expected, the press and the people made her poor.

Diana and Camilla
Diana and Camilla

Teasing an indigenous group

In 2017, Carlos and Camilla couldn’t hide their giggles as they witnessed a performance by an indigenous group from Canada, who had prepared a performance for them. In the guttural song, two women dance while they see which lasts longer emitting the sound.

A trip that coincided with the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Canada, and that they will surely not forget because the actions of the current monarchs were considered disrespectful towards other cultures.

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