“He Has a Fortune and He Whines”

“He Has a Fortune and He Whines”
“He Has a Fortune and He Whines”

Catalina Pulido attacked Mauricio Pesutic, after her recent interview in Good night all.

The actor confessed to Eduardo Fuentes that he currently earns 210 thousand pesos for his pension, despite his successful screen career.

“I support myself with that and I am spending my savings. It affects you financially, but it affects you more being without doing one’s job. It is painful”Maurice said.

“I don’t understand how there are people who live with those pensions, I have the savings and I can go playing, but do they live as relatives? Because not even enough for a rent”, sentenced.

His comment, beyond the low pension he receives, was more aimed at criticizing what Chileans live.

Catalina Pulido attacked Pesutic

After learning of these statements, Catalina Pulido took advantage of her showcase in The Untamed to throw hard darts at the actor, with whom he coincided in some TVN teleseries.

“I am reading that Mauricio Pesutic is a trending topic. He is whining and I don’t know why if he has accumulated a fortune of 700 million pesos and is whining “, launched the actress.

“Why didn’t you impose yourself poh ahue****? If you earned 4 million pesos and for the time you were on National Television. That is your fault mijito”he lashed out

Patricia Maldonado reacted during this intervention, accusing that as he was a ‘leftist actor’, that he asked the Government for help.

“I am burdened by people who whimper on social networks. I think that a healthy person can do anything other than act? I am capable of working in a pizzeria making pizza”sentenced Cata Pulido.

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