Voluntary mask in schools: This is the new protocol

Voluntary mask in schools: This is the new protocol
Voluntary mask in schools: This is the new protocol

The Ministry of Health reported that the use of the mask will not be mandatory in public spaces as of October 1, with the exception of health centers, and this will also have modifications to classrooms.

The Ministry of Education published the update protocol for educational establishments, after the Ministry of Health reported that As of October 1, the use of the mask in our country will no longer be mandatorywith the exception of health centers.

With the opening phase on the restrictive measures by COVID-19, which the Minsal announced with the arrival of spring and the positive figures in terms of infections by the respiratory virus, educational centers will also have greater freedom and a less strict protocol, as of October 1.

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Minsal announces that the mandatory use of masks will only be in health centers

The Minister of Education himself, Marco Antonio Ávila, confirmed that there will be no capacity limit in the rooms of classes or in the common spaces of the schools and that The use of the mask will be voluntary, that is, it will be at the discretion of the students, and their respective parents.

In addition to the voluntary use of the mask, the Ministry of Education recommends keeping all windows in classrooms open, when weather conditions allow it, and permanent ventilation also in common places.

From the secretariat they made a call to encourage vaccination so that all levels reach 80 percent of the inoculated students.

What happens if there is an outbreak

Given the possibility that any male or female student might get COVID-19 from the Ministry of Education, they reported that the outbreaks will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If a student tests positive for their PCR test, they must quarantine, but only If in a seven-day period there are three or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a course, or seven or more cases in the establishment, the management must inform the regional health authority.

The Seremi de Salud will evaluate all the information regarding each particular situation and will establish measures based on pre-established criteria and variables.

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