Minsal reports 4,050 new cases of covid-19 and assets are around 10 thousand again | National

Minsal reports 4,050 new cases of covid-19 and assets are around 10 thousand again | National
Minsal reports 4,050 new cases of covid-19 and assets are around 10 thousand again | National

This Thursday morning, in its digital report, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) reported the detection of 4,050 new infections of covid-19 in Chile, 2,504 symptomatic and 1,122 of whom have not been informed of their positive status.

With the result of the day, the total number of patients in the active stage of the disease rose from 8,395 to 9,816.

Although this bordered on 10 thousand, it is the third consecutive day in which, at least in the official count, the figure is not five digits.

According to government estimates, the pandemic contracted 34% in the last week, while in 14 days the drop in cases was 43%.

“All regions show a reduction in their cases in the last 14 days,” they indicated.

“Of the 4,050 new cases, 49% are diagnosed by antigen tests, 37% originate from Active Case Search (BAC) and 14% of those notified are asymptomatic,” they detailed from the portfolio in their daily statement.

By region, the area with the highest numbers remains the Metropolitan, which showed 1,369 new infections and 3,332 active.

In terms of incidence rate, Chile has 49.5 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which in Ñuble is 107.9, the highest in the country.

Positivity, ICU and deaths

With the analysis of only 25,162 PCR tests, in 194 laboratories, the national positivity was established at 8.16%..

The table of the day was led by O’Higgins, with 12.94%; followed by Maule (10.68%) and La Araucanía (10.21%).

Considering the total number of antigens made, this Thursday’s report was made with 44,210 samples.

On the other hand, the Minsal again released a report with two ICU figures.

While in one part of the report, and in the daily infographic, they said that in Chile there are 138 patients hospitalized in the ICU due to covid-19, in another page of the report they put the same figure at 124.

If the latest data is true, it would be a new historical minimum in the pandemic.

Looking at the 138 patients, 83 of them are on mechanical ventilation.

With 1,936 critical beds enabled and 276 available, the Occupation of the system integrated by the pandemic this Thursday is 85.74%.

Finally, the Department of Statistics and Health Information (DEIS) added eight deaths to the national list, seven confirmed by a covid-19 picture.

Thus, the total number of deaths associated with the pandemic in Chile rose to 60,974, between 49,339 confirmed and 11,635 probable.

Check the official infographic of the day

Read the balance of the Minsal for this Thursday, September 22, 2022

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