“Antigen in 3 steps”: check which are the pharmacies that sell low-cost Covid self-tests

“Antigen in 3 steps”: check which are the pharmacies that sell low-cost Covid self-tests
“Antigen in 3 steps”: check which are the pharmacies that sell low-cost Covid self-tests

Last Tuesday and as part of the strategy to increase the diagnostic capacity of Covid-19 cases, the Ministry of Health launched the “Antigen in 3 steps” campaign, which allows buying in participating pharmacies a self-test kit to detect Covid-19 at a value that does not exceed 3 thousand pesos.

The test corresponds to a nasal antigen that is certified by the Institute of Public Health (ISP), and has a high effectiveness.

To find the adhered pharmacies that have the test, from the Minsal they have enabled a georeferential map. For this, you must access the website Pharmacy Shifts (www.turnosdefarmacia.cl) and filter by “Antigen Campaign”. At the moment 498 pharmacies have this kit, and this figure will increase to over a thousand in the coming weeks.

To purchase this campaign self-test, people must present their identity card and/or identification documentsince the kit has a folio number that is associated with the identification number of the person who acquires the product, with which they can later self-report whether their result is positive, negative or inconclusive.

The maximum number of tests to buy per person is four in a period of 30 days.

To explain how the process of applying the antigen test is, the Minsal published an explanatory video with the content of the kit and how it is used. Check it out below:

Once the person obtains their result, they must enter the self-report platform by scanning the QR code that appears on the kit, or by calling the TTA phone number (800 371 900).

  • If the result is negative, it must be reported, and it is recommended to take another test in the event that the symptoms and signs suggestive of COVID-19 persist.
  • If the result is invalid or inconclusive, it should be reported, and it is recommended to repeat it with another test because it does not meet the conditions for interpreting the result.
  • If the result is positive, it must be reported, answering the following questions through the automatic selection of answers:
    • Attach a photo of the device, where the result of the test and the folio of the box that contained said test are displayed.
    • Has symptoms: YES/NO
    • Presents epidemiological condition: YES/NO

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