25 years after the death of Lady Di: This is the life of Trevor Rees-Jones, the only survivor of the accident today

29 Aug 2022 – 10:00 p.m.

This Wednesday, August 31, marks the 25th anniversary of the tragic car accident of which Princess Diana or Lady Di was the victim, under the Bridge of Souls in Paris.

Her partner was also with her in the car. Dodi Al-Fayeddriver Henry Paul and, furthermore, her bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones.

The latter was the only one that managed to survive the impact that the Mercedes-Benz had against the retaining walls of the tunnel, thanks to the airbag that was activated at the moment of the crash.

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Memory loss and facial reconstruction

Although the airbag managed to activate and keep Trevor Rees-Jones alive, the man who was 29 years old at the time, was completely disfigured.

Part of the bones of his face were completely broken, and his face had to be reconstructed with more than 150 titanium plates, which, at the time of the operation that lasted more than 10 hours, were placed looking at a photograph of him.

Trevor Rees-Jones in March 1998

Likewise, he also suffered injuries to his chest and the rest of his body, not to mention, moreover, that the blow to his head caused him to erase all the memories of that fateful night, thus losing a valuable testimony about what was lived inside the vehicle.

However, 8 months after the accident, he claimed to have recovered some memories of that night, and in conversation with the British tabloid The Mirror he assured that “The Mercedes was followed by two cars and a motorcycle; after the crash, Diana spoke Dodi’s name”.

Years later, after having released a book about the accident, he revealed that the entire conversation he had with The Mirror was false, and that his lie was due to the fact that Dodi Al Fayed’s father had asked him to, to feed the theory that the accident was orchestrated by the monarchy and the British secret service.

The Mercedes-Benz after the accident

“I said all that instigated by Al Fayed, who was already weaving the conspiracy theory. FIt was a weakness that I will always regret“, assured the Spanish media El País in 2000.

What is Trevor Rees-Jones up to today?

Twenty-five years after the accident, Trevor Rees-Jones seems to have completely turned the page, although he continues to dedicate himself to safety.

Currently, he is the global head of laboratory security AstraZenecaone of the pharmaceutical giants that developed vaccines against the coronavirus.

The Sun media spoke a few days ago with sources close to the man, assuring that currently Trevor’s life “is calm, without incident. He does not seek publicity or talk about it (the accident). He has tried to move on with his life“.

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