Thurston Waffles, meowing kitten known for popular meme on social networks, died | Society

Thurston Waffles, meowing kitten known for popular meme on social networks, died | Society
Thurston Waffles, meowing kitten known for popular meme on social networks, died | Society

Although many did not know him by name, many recognize the cat Thurston Waffles, the feline that, thanks to a video where he meows loudly, It ended up being a meme on social networks. Unfortunately this week His owner reported that the white cat died at the age of 15.

The animal stars in a video that at first glance is simple: while its owner speaks to it, the cat meows, lamenting, in a rather peculiar way. Thus, after appearing on the internet, the remixes around the act of the feline went viral with thousands of different versions.

Through Instagram, his human shared a long letter saying goodbye to his beloved pet, in addition to explaining the situation to Thurston’s more than 400,000 followers.

“I can’t believe I’m even writing this, but I have to tell you that we have lost Thurston.”began by typing the user in the social network.

“It hurts me and his mother, but we know that this will also hurt many of you,” he continued, to also mention that “we have always been touched by his kind words and the jokes we make with our favorite boy.”

I know this is going to feel sudden for youbecause it is sudden for us too”, he added to later ensure that he would explain what happened to the cat, so that other owners are warned.

After that, he pointed out that, after 15 years, his family moved homes, noting that “for the month since we arrived, Thurson loved the new house. Just a few days before, he was hopping around the kitchen like a baby kitten.which makes it all the more shocking and difficult to process.”

Finally, he assured that Thurson ended up suffering from a sinus infection. Going to different vets, they had two different diagnoses: sinusitis or “something related to their teeth”, so they started treatment with antibiotics.

However, the problem did not go away. “They asked us if we wanted to do a CT scan, to which of course we said yes, after which he was seen by a radiologist, who confirmed it was nasal cancer.lament.

Thus, he assured that “upon waking up, his sinusitis accelerated, he did not respond to antibiotics and two days later he was gone.

“I hope it comforts you to know that we did everything possible to make him feel happy and safe, and that his death was gentle. She spent her last days in front of her favorite lamp with her mom and I making everything feel as normal as possible,” she described.

After that, he described that both he and his partner were totally devastated with the loss. They say that dogs are man’s best friend. but mine was a cat. A sweet, lovable, silly white shrimp cat.” hill.

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