“He’s whining …”: Cata Pulido attacked Mauricio Pesutic without a filter after confessing a delicate economic moment

During the night of last Wednesday, Mauricio Pesutic was the guest on a new chapter of Good night everyone, a TVN program hosted by Eduardo Fuentes.

And in this context, the actor told details of his delicate economic moment. This is because he has not been called to work on television series for a long time.

“I am living off some savings I put together. I am retired, I earn 210 lucas, but then I support myself with those savings, but I am spending, “she told the” everyone’s channel “.

For the same reason, those statements were analyzed by Cata Pulido in Las Indomables. “I’m reading why Mauricio Pesutic is a trending topic,” the actress commented at the outset.

Tasting Polished, without filter

And in that same wave, he added: “he is whining and I don’t know why. He has accumulated a fortune of 700 million pesos and is whining.

However, Pulido went further and launched an acid criticism against his colleague: “Why didn’t you impose yourself poh ahue…? , if you earned 4 million pesos and for the time you were on National Television. That’s your fault mijito ”, he reviewed it.

“Well, but he is on the left. That the people of the left give him work. Call La Moneda and ask for a hit, ”added Patricia Maldonado on her part.

“I am burdened by people who whimper on social networks. I think that a healthy person can do anything other than act? I am capable of working in a pizzeria making pizza”, Pulido reviewed it again at the end.

The article is in Spanish

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