Pancho Saavedra confessed to his parents that he was gay to marry Jorge Uribe

Pancho Saavedra confessed to his parents that he was gay to marry Jorge Uribe
Pancho Saavedra confessed to his parents that he was gay to marry Jorge Uribe

September 23, 2022 at 08:36 a.m.

The entertainer Francis Saavedra confessed the condition that her husband made her Jorge Uribe to get married and that it had to do with confessing his homosexuality to his parents. “‘Either you tell your dad or I’m not getting married, but this thing about you bringing something hidden, bye,” said the animator on the program “Socios de lagrill” on Channel 13, regarding the warning that he left against the sword and wall

It was during the interview that Saavedra, together with his compadres Jorge Zabaleta and Pedro Ruminot, conducted with the journalist Monserrat Álvarez from Chilevisión, when the host of “Places that speak” declassified the important moment in which he dared to tell his parents about his sexual condition. .

“My father, a 70-year-old man, another generation, a dictatorship in between (…) In fact, I gradually took out my backpacks, because one grows up with a lot of fear of rejection,” commented.

But telling it was not on his own initiative. Rather, he was prompted by her husband, who had made it her condition to marry him. “She had a lot of patience,” said the animator, regarding her partner who endured for years to keep the relationship secret, due to the fear he felt in the face of social rejection.

“I’m the same as a minute ago”

“I thought they were going to fire me, lose other jobs. Young people have to learn to get rid of those fears, you can’t live with that on your back. There are people who end up taking their own lives,” she added.

Until he finally revealed the moment he told his dad he was gay.

“I told him everything the same day, I am gay and I am getting married. The bucket of cold water shot up. My father started pouting and he tells me: ‘Who abused you? Did someone abuse you? That’s all I want to know’. Dad, I’m the same as a minute ago.”Francis commented.

Later, he recounted what his mother told him. “’I cried one day, but when I realized that you were the same person, the subject was over,’” she concluded.

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