Splanchnophilia: the diagnosis of Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Milwaukee Cannibal” | Health & Wellness

Splanchnophilia: the diagnosis of Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Milwaukee Cannibal” | Health & Wellness
Splanchnophilia: the diagnosis of Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Milwaukee Cannibal” | Health & Wellness

A few days ago, the series was released that recounts the murders committed by who would be known as the “Milwaukee Butcher”, Jeffrey Dahmer. The fiction is a total success, but behind the character hides a real criminal who developed a strange condition that is little known.

A week ago the new series about Jeffrey Dahmer known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal” It arrived on the Netflix streaming platform. The drama produced by Ryan Murphy and starring Evan Peters, recounts the crimes committed by the most wanted serial killer in the United States.

Dahmer who practiced the cannibalism and necrophilia with his victims, he gained the attention of many, due to how twisted he could become. Although in general “Jeff” used to be rather taciturn, when he had the power it showed his true personality.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Splanchnophilia

Returning to reality, once the “Milwaukee Butcher” -another nickname given to Dahmer among the policemen- surrendered to justice and confessed to all his crimes, this he was taken to a psychiatrist to be evaluated and thus find out if he was capable of being prosecuted.

It is in the fourth chapter of the Netflix series that Jeffrey Dahmer is diagnosed with splanchnophilia, a type of sexual deviation who was present at his modus operandi.

When asked by the professional if he felt excitement when murdering and cutting up their victimsthe “Milwaukee Cannibal” replies: “I liked how the organs looked in my hands”. A characteristic of splanchnophilia that the fictional psychiatrist attributes to “men’s taste for shiny objects”.

However, this is a real diagnosis, but it is so rare that the concept discontinued many years agoas explained Juan Ariel Zúñiga, psychiatrist at Vidaintegra.

“The term is not commonly used or is rarely used because it is a rather rare, strange and infrequent perversion”explained the professional.

What is splanchnophilia?

According to Carolina Alarcón, psychologist at Clinica Los Leonessplanchnophilia is “term adapted by a science that has to do with the study of the viscera of animals”.

The fact that it is not so widely used is due to the fact that “It has been conditioned to study animals and many psychopathic personality disorders are related by the same sadism of the study of what is inside the body”affirms the professional, so it would not be the only deviation with these characteristics.

For its part, Jorge Font, psychiatrist at Clínica Tarapacádefines this sexual deviation as a predilection for “eat the viscera, thighs, brains and other parts of the body”. In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, the specialist reports that this disorder was also related to the murderer’s goal of having a “zombie couple”.

The professional stated that “It is a quite complicated disorder that is no longer used because nobody does that, in theory, but it does not mean that it could not be used again”hill.

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