The memes that left the video of Mauricio Pinilla licking a butt with Natthy Chilena

Chilean Natty

The well-known national escort called “Natthy Chilena”, once again blew up social networks by filtering some postcards and videos of her fiery encounter with former soccer player and current face of TVN, Mauricio Pinilla, from her home in Lo Barnechea.

A piola domicile”, wrote the influencer who became famous for licking singer Luis Jara’s butt on her Instagram account.

Chilean Natthy got bored of the lies and confessed that she really sucked Luis Jara’s anus

With rich mijito “, The escort pointed out in her stories, which the young woman later deleted. In her record, the sex worker was shown very close to TVN’s face, who hugged her and sang while they hung out.

As detailed by the journalist Sergio Rojas in his online show with Paula Escobar, Que lo Digo, the sex worker would have shown videos of the meeting they had in the former athlete’s apartment days ago.

It may interest you: Natthy Chilena leaked a video of Mauricio Pinilla licking the anus of another escort from Santiago

I told them that she had any number of videos and photos of Mauricio Pinilla being intimate.”Sergio Rojas expressed about the event. “This behavior cost Mauricio Pinilla dearly, cost him dearly, his work image. He was a very dear one of the executives of National Television and now they take him out “Escobar pointed out, affirming that that is why he left Buen Finde.

Mauricio Pinilla entered a dark place, according to Natthy Chilena.

There he appears giving the lady a kiss on the fret, it’s something that’s popular nowadays in Europe… It’s quite normal, it’s basically an act of love. It is called the hidden kiss, something that Luis Jara had also done with Natthy Chilena ”, The journalist said between laughs showing the photo shared by the Instagram user Infama.

reaction in social networks

The video of Mauricio Pinilla, Natthy Chilena and the other sex worker had a maximum impact on the web, where the name of the first two mentioned took the trends on Twitter. Check out the top comments here:

Mauricio Pinilla has been the most commented topic of the day.
Mauricio Pinilla has been the most commented topic of the day.

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