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Everything went wrong in Venice 2022 for Olivia Wilde with her film ‘Don’t Worry Darling’: Florence Pugh didn’t even see her, Harry Styles pushed her away and, in addition, he did a tremendous rudeness to her. Chris Pine.

to the director Olivia Wilde did not go well at the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling at the Venice film festival: argued that Florence Pugh would not attend because she was filming Dune 2 with director Denis Villeneuve, she arrived; a reporter asked him a question about the leaked video where Shia LaBeouf quits him, the moderator said he wouldn’t answer; Harry Styles, her girlfriend, refused to take photos next to her and was recorded.

There is no doubt that the presentation of this film was catastrophic, which deals with a love triangle between Alice (Pugh), Jack (Styles) and Bunny (Wilde) during the 1950s in the town of Victoria, California, where a project is being developed. This increases tensions within the entire community. This movie You can see it in Mexican theaters from September 22despite all the negative reviews that have come after its screening.

To this scandal we add that the former One Direction preferred to kiss Nick Kroll on the mouth than Olivia, and strongly disdained Chris Pine when taking their seats in the auditorium where the feature film was presented. A video captured by the interior shows how the star of Dungeons and Dragons take a seat next to Wilde, being the person who separates the two lovers. Everything seems normal. Just a gesture of discomfort on Chris’s part. Perhaps because he knew of the conflict between the couple.

The moment of spitting.

Nevertheless, the user @korysverse made an edit closer to the video where we can see that the Brit spit on Pine! That is why he stops applauding, throws a look of few friends, sticks out his tongue and swallows his anger while his director only looks at him astonished and hiding her discomfort. It is known among colleagues that Pine’s attitude is usually quite negative.

Chris Pine swallowed his anger.

If you remember all the videos of the press conference, someone recorded the fellow Star Trek actor while Styles spoke redundantly before a questioning from the press, making gestures that, apparently, They are mocking for the nerves that attacked the interpreter of “Matilda”. At the same time, we saw the two conducting interviews to promote the tape, so it is unknown what happened between the two so that he would throw a gargajito in full function.

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