What does it take to be the new James Bond?

James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson search for the next prospect to become Agent 007.

james-bond is probably the most iconic character in the action and spy stories. Well, from his debut in the novel Royal Casino of Ian Fleming, Bond It has been seen in constant evolution through different formats, the most important of them perhaps: cinema.

Since 1962, It has practically become a tradition to have new and updated Agent 007 storieswho on the big screen has passed through the hands of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. So now, after the conclusion of the saga starring Craigthe question about who will give life to the most recognized spy in the world is one that sounds more and more strongly.

During an interview with Variety, the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilsonwho are behind the James Bond saga, have revealed the next steps to search for the actor who will play the agent in the future of the franchise.

A long-term commitment

Since a new start was announced for the franchise of james-bond, fans around the world began with speculations and wishes about who could give life to the characterand. One of them—whom he has often said he doesn’t want to associate with Bond—is Idris Elbewhom the producers wrote off like several others because did not meet the main requirement of all: age.

“What happens is that there is still time to start with this new saga, and when we choose Bond, it is a commitment of between 10 and 12 years, so we are looking for someone younger. Also, sure Idris [¡Amamos a Idris Elba!], think “Do I really want to do that? And not everyone wants to do it, it was hard to get Daniel Craig to do it at the time, and he was only in his 30s!”

Michael G. Wilson for Variety

Also, the producers stated that although several young actors claim to want to play the character, they have not “even measured the level of commitment that is carrying a franchise of this size for so many years”. According to Broccoli, most think that “It would be fun to participate in just one movie.” but that the Bond universe doesn’t work like that.

reinvent the character

The producers highlighted that more than finding an actor, it is about completely reinvent James Bond to give it a new identity and its own characteristics that separate it from its predecessors; so much broccoli What Wilson they are working on the next steps for the story.

“It’s about reinventing it, where will we go with it? what do we want to do with the character? Once we figure that out, we’ll find the right person for that specific reinvention.”

Barbara Broccoli for Variety

So much Wilson as Broccoli the latter who heads the organization Time’s Up in United Kingdomhave emphasized the importance of James Bond change as the times do, highlighting the way in which female roles within the franchise have also evolved: going from a womanizing spy to have women who play most relevant papers on each tape.

“It’s part of evolution” Broccoli states, “Bond evolves in the same way that men do. I don’t know who evolves faster actually.”

“Craig brought a level of emotional depth to the character that he didn’t have before, bringing it into his personal life as well. I think with that particular saga it was the first time that audiences were really able to connect with Bond’s emotional arc.”

Barbara Broccoli

Back to TV?

Broccoli and Wilson They also expressed their interest in taking the franchise to new limits that, like the character, also manage to make the story feel new and closer to new audiences and previously unexplored formats.

Earlier in the year it was revealed that Prime Video had given the green light to the first series based on the Agent 007, which will be a reality show called “007’s Road to a Million”, which will be a race in the style ninjawarrior, inspired by the adventures of James Bond and in which people from all over the world will participate.

“People always told us, they should do a TV show, or a show where they challenge people to survive like Bond. […] 007’s Road to a Million is the first time a production company has approached us with a fun and safe idea for the contestants.”

Michael G Wilson

However, although the reality show will carry part of the Bond legacy to streamingthe producers claim that the future of tapes is 100% focused on cinemaclarifying that they would not work series or movies on the character for any platform.

“We will keep James Bond in the cinema, James Bond is a franchise made for the big screen and it will always be that way”

Barbara Broccoli

What do cinephiles and cinephiles think?

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