She came out of the closet: After not having money and a veto from Televisa, the actress betrays ‘Hoy’ with ‘Ventaneando’

She came out of the closet: After not having money and a veto from Televisa, the actress betrays ‘Hoy’ with ‘Ventaneando’
She came out of the closet: After not having money and a veto from Televisa, the actress betrays ‘Hoy’ with ‘Ventaneando’

Mexico City.- A beloved actress, who was one of the most sought-after soap opera stars in Televisa and was banned for a few years, it appears in windowing. Is about Veronica Castrowho made a tremendous confession to Pati Chapoy in Aztec TV after giving him an exclusive interview, despite the fact that a few days ago he spoke for the today program. As you may remember, it was rumored that the host would also retire, but she has just released a movie that she recorded a few years ago.

After revealing everything in the entertainment program about his loves, his veto on the television station in San Ángel for going to work in Argentina and his difficult beginnings with his family, since they did not have moneythe star of soap operas like Wild Rose, My Little Solitude Y Rich people cry too received Pati at her home in Acapulco Guerrero and in this installment, he spoke of one of the most uncomfortable moments he experienced due to the impressive beauty he has always had.

The actress, who has been in the eye of the hurricane since the host Yolanda Andrade the ‘got out of the closet’ Revealing that they allegedly had an affair and that they even married in a symbolic ceremony, he now reappeared on the Ventaneando program and spoke of the occasions he had to deal with one of the most flirtatious artists of the time, the Spanish Julio Iglesias, who claims he grabbed her butt on stage and even kissed her in the middle of the interview.

“The other day they took a kiss that Julio Iglesias stole from me, I’m going to send it to you later, because if one day he grabbed my buttock,” recalled ‘La Vero’ and added: “Up on stage there were several artists and then it was the awards ceremony, I don’t know what, a very big party, but there were big-name artists there, Julio Iglesias was also there, I’m late, I was also at the ball, and suddenly I feel someone grab my pomp, and that I put a blow to the back, (I thought) ‘whoever it was takes his blow’, and it was Julio”.

But he did not remain with his arms crossed, because the television presenter also assured that behind the scenes he complained to Iglesias for his act: “I tell him: ‘Listen, cab…, why are you grabbing my buttock?’ ‘Why don’t you let me grab it for you there in the dressing room, well, I’ll grab it for you here on stage'”. And that was not all, because the father of Enrique Iglesias also stole a kiss from him in the middle of the interview.

“We are talking about his life and his things and he says what he is doing, that he came to Mexico and I don’t know how long, and suddenly he says ‘I have always wanted to kiss you and hug you and everything, but never you left me’, we were in front of the camera and wham!, he got up, grabbed my head and kissed me, and almost live and in full color and I say: ‘cut him off, right now the scene continues, because it’s a love scene’, as if to say ‘cut the camera because I’m going to give you some chin…'”.

And as happened the previous time, Veronica reproached him for his act: “As it is, I told him ‘why are you so stupid…? Why are you doing this to me?’ in the dressing room, I have to come and do it in front of the cameras. After relating these stories with the interpreter of I forgot to live, Verónica Castro concluded her story with a big smile and, minimizing the subject, added: “That kind of people you adore, the truth.”

Finally, he spoke about his late-night programs on Televisa, such as the successful broadcast Bad Night… No!, where he had luxury guests and which was lengthening in duration due to the resounding success. The actress recalled her conversations with the deceased owner of the television station Emilio ‘El Tigre’ Azcarraga Milmo.

“The red telephone was there at that time and at that last meal he told me: ‘Your contract is over,’ said ‘La Vero’ at the end of the capsule, and then Pati explained that this Friday they will show that part of the interview, in which will explain what that contract meant for Veronica’s career, also recalling the resounding success of Rich people cry tooa telenovela that was broadcast in several countries, including Europe, since Chapoy said that he knows that it was broadcast in countries like Italy, Russia and Argentina.

Source: Tribune

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