Liam Neeson reveals why he stuck with his character in the Star Wars series

Liam Neeson reveals why he stuck with his character in the Star Wars series
Liam Neeson reveals why he stuck with his character in the Star Wars series

The actor Liam Neeson stated this Saturday in the San Sebastian Film Festivalnorthern Spain, who agreed to once again interpret the emblematic Qui-Gon Jinnthe most attractive Jedi in the “Star Wars” saga, in the Ewan McGregor-produced series “Obi Wan,” because he didn’t want “anyone else” to play his character.

The Irishman, nominated for an Oscar for “Schindler’s List” (1993), defended today, on the closing day of the Spanish contest, another mythical character, Philip Marlow, with whom he returns to the screens directed once again by his countryman Neil Jordan in the movie “Marlow”.

The actor looked surprised when asked about “Star Wars” as soon as he arrived at the room where he was offering a press conference with the director of “Marlowe” and his co-star, German Diane Kruger.

“Qui-Gon Jinn, ‘gin and tonic,'” Neeson said, “as Ewan McGregor called me.”

A tribute to George Lucas

After not seeing each other for some time, the Scottish actor asked Neeson to play Qui-Gon again in the “Obi Wan” series he was producing. “I was in the last episode, I’m a bit of a TV snob, but I didn’t want anyone else to play that character,” Neeson said.

“Ewan is a friend. We were in Los Angeles on green screen and Ewan, as Obi Wan, was on a real camel, and I only had three lines of dialogue, and when we rehearsed, people started crying, it was wonderful.”

He recalled that “Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace” was shot 25 years ago, but didn’t come out until 1999, when technology allowed.

He also did it as a tribute to George Lucas (the creator of the “Star Wars” saga) for “that world he created in his day, a world in which each culture, each country in the world, has a mythological theme associated with each one of them. their nations. Lucas was very smart.”

In the skin of Philip Marlow

Neeson said it was a “dream” for him to play private detective Philip Marlow, more so in the version that his compatriot Jordan has written based on the book by Benjamin Black (pseudonym of the writer John Banville, also Irish) “The Black-Eyed Blonde “.

“There have already been extraordinary actors who have played the character, Humphrey Bogarr, Elliot Gould, the wonderful version of Robert Altman, which I saw recently, Sterling Hayden or Robert Mitchum… I am ashamed to say that I had never read Chandler, and I I did with the help of my friend Kindle, devouring one after another, all his books”.

“But I’ve never been intimidated by the mythos of the character; I’ve already worked with Neil four times (the first time in 1996’s ‘Michael Collins’), and he always takes unexpected turns. It was amazing to work with Jessica Lang again.” after “Rob Roy” (1995), and with Diana, which we shot in Berlin 12 years ago. Alan Cumming… the cast was wonderful, that really intimidated me, “he said.

Dyed blond, with a mustache and sideburns, a white shirt without a tie, Neeson revealed that it is the “look” of his new character in “Thug”, directed by the Norwegian Hans Petter Moland, with whom he already worked a few years ago.

The action of “Marlow” takes place at the end of the 30s, in the underworld of Los Angeles (LA), in the authentic environment of film noir, although Jordan decided to shoot in Barcelona because in “LA there is nothing left”. The tape also varies the detective’s age to bring it closer to Neeson’s seventy, whose character keeps repeating that “he’s not up to these trots” and that what he wants is his pension now.

Krueger, delicious as “femme fatal”, has joked about the reason for wanting to make this film: “Wanting to kill my lovers,” she said between laughs.
“We don’t play these kinds of roles a lot. These movies aren’t made anymore. And the opportunity to work with Neil (…) I liked the ideas for my character, I got excited and I believed this was a role I had to play “, he explained.

Several of the film’s Irish producers were also at the press conference, who revealed some details of the project, such as Jordan adding “complexity” to William Monahan’s script.

The director himself said, for example, that he inspired his “Marlow” in the figure of Joseph Kennedy, who “at that time had an ‘affair’ with Gloria Swanson and bought the RKO station for other purposes beyond the cinema”.


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