The Madonna you hate the most is looking to tickle you with Tokischa

The Madonna you hate the most is looking to tickle you with Tokischa
The Madonna you hate the most is looking to tickle you with Tokischa

«There are many fans since ‘Ray of Light’ who think that Madonna is that serious woman, married to Guy Ritchie, who wrote children’s books… But that was not Madonna. Today’s Madonna is more similar to the one from ‘Erotica’ and ‘Blonde Ambition’ and I would even tell you that she may be more Madonna than the one from that time, which was enjoyable, but it was something else».

These were the words of Alberto Jiménez from Miss Caffeina speaking in our podcast about the «forever young» Madonna that we know from ‘Hard Candy’ and that is the same Madonna that we see in the video that premieres today.

It is clear that the artist is in a time of total hedonism and her new video consists of battering along with Tokishca on the occasion of the remix of ‘Hung Up On Tokishca’ that she published last Friday. If the remix doesn’t finish taking advantage of Tokischa’s flow in any direction, which doesn’t leave any new hook that she knows how to do, the video wallows in the sexual, coarse like a pig in the mud.

Madonna wants to show again that you can be a woman and have a sexuality at 64 years old. This alleged scandal is exactly the same as what we saw in ‘Justify My Love’ (1990), ‘Erotica’ (1992) and ‘SEX’ (2015), but taken to the extreme. What does she know that her audience hates grillz? It makes them more visible. That her audience continues to see her as a blonde Goddess? She dyes her hair red and attacks her own eyebrows. What do you want to see an adult Madonna? She starts twerking with Tokischa and making out with her.

With questionable lighting and even a questionable sense of rhythm, the entire artistic direction of this video lives up to the label we see at the end: UNDERDIRECTED by Sasha Kasiuha /SKNX. It’s a relief to know that it was at least (un)done on purpose.

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