The 3 most hated bands by Robert Smith

The 3 most hated bands by Robert Smith
The 3 most hated bands by Robert Smith

robert smith It was always characterized by being disruptive in many aspects. From his work with The Cure, the musician rejected the colorful eighties to propose a gothic and musical aesthetic far removed from the virtuosity of many groups of the time. Also, as a frontman, he showed a figure far from the sex symbol and the classic rockstar. Smith had a strong rejection for several of the bands and singers that dominated the decade and here we tell you about three of them, according to Far Out.

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Faced with the pomposity of the gang of Freddie Mercuryhis pompous arrangements and the charisma of the singer, Smith was lapidary: “I never liked Queen. I can honestly say that she hated Queen and everything they did.“. Without many explanations of the aspects that led him to detest so strongly the band responsible for “Bohemian Rhapsody”, we can understand that they are at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of musical style, artistic proposal and vision of music.


Morrissey he is known for clashing with various colleagues, largely because of his politically controversial views. However, Smith went a step further and in an interview he declared an almost irrational hatred: “If Morrissey said don’t eat meat, then I’ll eat meat. So much so that I hate Morrissey“. However, he later seemed to forget about this statement as he blamed the public for creating this rivalry: “I realized how easily these things can escalate because people want them to be something. They are desperate for it to be some kind of novel.”

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This band was one of the most representative around the festive spirit of the 80s, which featured the sex appeal of its musicians, seduction as the key to the stage, danceable songs and a style strongly oriented towards fun. Again, this proposal was presented avowedly opposed to The Cure: “It was usually Duran Duran, which is really sad because they adored us and used to come to our shows. But they represented everything we hated: all the ’80s glamour, consumerism shit, all this horrible show that we were against.“, were the words of Smith.

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