Reduced prices and extensive billboard: guide to Cinema Day 2022

The most talked about movie of the last few weeks. A housewife who lives with her husband in a community isolated from the world suspects that her reality hides dark secrets.

James Cameron’s blockbuster returns to the screen just before the premiere of its sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water. A paraplegic marine sent to the moon Pandora is faced with the choice between following orders or protecting the world she perceives as his home.

Prequel to the 2009 film. Leena leaves an Estonian asylum and travels to the United States stealing the identity of a family’s daughter. In that place, her life as “Esther” confronts her with a mother who will do the impossible to protect her clan.

Animated film of Ukrainian and Cypriot production. The traveler Gulliver is invited to return to Lilliput, the city he previously saved from an enemy fleet.

Second feature film by renowned director Makoto Shinkai (your name), this 2007 film is made up of three segments corresponding to different moments in the life of its protagonist.

Exclusive animated premiere of Cine Hoyts. Made in China, the film tells the story of a young woman named Jade and a terracotta warrior who come together to fight against the creatures that haunt their city.

In this romantic comedy Julia Roberts and George Clooney play a divorced couple who join forces to prevent the marriage of their daughter, who fell in love during a vacation in Bali.


South Korean film with the performances Song Kang-ho (parasite) and Lee Byung Hun (the squid game), the story follows the threat that is unleashed when a pharmaceutical researcher boards a plane with a deadly variant of a powerful virus.

Praised horror film that revolves around a woman who stays in an Airbnb and discovers that the house hides a truth that she never suspected.

New movie of the popular Japanese animation. This time the threat is represented by two androids -Gamma 1 and Gamma 2- who are trying to defeat Goku, Piccolo, Gohan and their friends.

After more than 30 years serving as one of the best aviators in the Navy, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell faces a new adventure and trains a group of recruits from the Top Gun program.

Jordan Peel (Flees!, Us) directs and writes this film about two brothers who witness a discovery in their home in the interior of California that will haunt and test them.


Animated film centered on Krypto, Superman’s dog. The duo is inseparable, until his friend is kidnapped and he meets another group of animals with superpowers.

Patricio Guzmán’s documentary about the process that began with the social outbreak. It has the female voices of the protest, with experts and with members of the Constitutional Convention.

After being kidnapped by a child murderer and locked in a basement, a 13-year-old teenager begins receiving calls from the murderer’s previous victims.

A Chinese immigrant is catapulted into the center of an adventure in which only she can save the world by exploring other universes linked to her past lives.

The extraordinary documentary that explores the creative and musical journey of David Bowie, composing a kaleidoscope that unfolds his self-confidence on stage, his process and his ideas over the decades.


The revival of the most successful film of 2021. Once Peter Parker turns to Doctor Strange, the multiverse becomes a reality and he faces villains that he did not know existed.

Baz Luhrmann’s successful film about Elvis Presley studies his life and career through the lens of Colonel Parker, the controversial manager who accompanied him for much of his career.

Fourth and last part of the romantic saga starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin. The central couple, located in antagonistic places, tests their relationship once again.

National comedy directed by Rodrigo Bastidas with performances by Elena Muñoz, Magdalena Max-Neef, Gabriel Prieto and Bastidas himself. It portrays the chaos that is unleashed when a married couple entrusts the organization of their marriage to their parents.

Action movie directed by David Leitch (Dead Pool 2) about five hit men who meet on a bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Morioka. Brad Pitt plays the main of them, Ladybug, an introspective mercenary who takes on the task at the last moment.


Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece has performances Monday through Wednesday at Cinemark. Humanity embarks on a journey to Jupiter, with the help of the HAL 9000 supercomputer.

Thriller about two young people who decide to climb a huge communications tower to throw the ashes of the boyfriend of one of them. As they climb, a part of the structure collapses, putting their survival at risk.

The successful animation focused on the creatures that serve Gru continues on the billboard. Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto join him in his attempts to gain the respect of a group of supervillains.

Horror film about a young woman who, after losing her mother, discovers a lost cousin and is invited to a luxurious wedding. The event will turn into a nightmare where her existence will be threatened.

Animation starring Hank, a dog who becomes the only hope of a town of cats that suffers an unprecedented threat. To achieve his goal, he trains as a samurai.

In the Cinépolis, Cinemark, Cineplanet, Cinestar and Muvix chains. Tickets for the 2D and 3D rooms will cost $1,500 and for the special formats they will cost $3,000.

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