Mowi inaugurates modern “Omega” pontoon

Mowi inaugurates modern “Omega” pontoon
Mowi inaugurates modern “Omega” pontoon

This state-of-the-art naval artifact, developed by the Sitecna company, has a capacity for 600 tons of feed, 40 m3 of silage and has habitability for 20 people. Omega will carry out its first production cycle in Mowi Chile’s Tortuga farming center in the Aysén region.

Sitecna, a manufacturer of naval artifacts, delivered the new “Omega” pontoon, which belongs to the high standard “Navis” line and was commissioned by Mowi Chile. This modern naval artifact will be destined for the cultivation centers that Mowi has in the Aysén region.

Among other features, this pontoon has the capacity to comfortably accommodate 20 people. Its large common spaces, details and finishes stand out, offering spacious and comfortable spaces on board, such as meeting rooms, living rooms and a gym, among other amenities.

In this regard, Fernando Villarroel, general manager of Mowi Chile said that “This is the first of a series of projects that we will develop for our operations in Chile. We feel very proud, because this is the standard that we want to define in the future for all our pontoons. It is a very modern pontoon, with plenty of technology and, most importantly, with a lot of comfort to house our work team, so we are very happy”.

Omega has a storage capacity of 600 tons of feed and its structure is certified by the Norwegian DNV-GL standard. It has a length of 41 meters, a beam of 12 meters and a depth of 4 meters. In terms of its technology, the SIAPP automation system stands out, developed by Sitecna, which allows various operating parameters to be measured and controlled, such as: levels of the different tanks, the temperature at the inlet and outlet of the keels, the PH and level of hydrogen sulfide in the silage.

For his part, Ricardo Manzoliz, Commercial Manager of Sitecna, expressed his satisfaction with the high quality standards achieved in this project, which fully complied with the Norwegian certification, which was requested by Mowi at the time of carrying out the construction order.

This pontoon also includes an automatic fire protection system in the engine room, in the electrical room and in the kitchen. It also has a closed circuit of surveillance cameras, which provides a high level of internal and external security. Another interesting omega innovation is its hybrid energy system, based on lithium battery banks, which considerably reduce its carbon emissions.

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