Justin Bieber cancels his concert in Chile within hours of appearing at the National Stadium

The rumors were getting stronger. Justin Bieber left Rock in Rio and decided cancel their tour of South America.

A tour that included Santiago and Buenos Aires as stops and that the artist would have declined to continue due to his mental health.

An alarm that was given by Brazilian media who, since he arrived in Rio de Janeiro, mentioned that the interpreter of sorry he would not continue with his introductions.

They even talked about how complex it was to perform at the festival. “Justin Bieber fans: A week ago I received the information that he wanted to cancel the shows in Brazil, but that Rock In Rio and T4F were trying to reverse the situation. What I can say is: this matter really existed.” reported the reporter José Norberto Flesch.

Justin Bieber and his goodbye to Chile

Thus, the talk about it did not stop. And while in Brazil the media declared their concerts cancelled, from Lotus, the producer in charge in Chile, they indicated that they still did not know anything.

However, during the afternoon of Monday, the believers The alarms went off, since several began to post that the stage in the National Stadium was being dismantled.

“There are already TOO MANY rumors about a possible cancellation and we are already two days away from the concert. We don’t know what’s going on and there’s a lot of information going around.” they said from an official fan account.

That until the information was officially confirmed: the concert in our country had been definitively cancelled.

“We regret to inform that for personal reasons of the artist, the other dates of the Latin American leg of Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour are suspended, including his concert in Chile scheduled for September 7 at the National Stadium”, they said in a statement from Lotus.

In this way, Justin Bieber would have chosen not to continue traveling and take care of his mental health. A situation that left all his followers, in Chile and Argentina, perplexed.

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