When will the coronation of Carlos III as king take place? Ceremony can take months to arrive | TV and Show

When will the coronation of Carlos III as king take place? Ceremony can take months to arrive | TV and Show
When will the coronation of Carlos III as king take place? Ceremony can take months to arrive | TV and Show

During the afternoon of this Thursday, the death of Queen Elizabeth II was confirmed, immediately naming her heir, Carlos, as the new king of the united kingdom. However, the coronation ceremony for Carlos III is not close to take place, to which the new monarch will have to wait even months.

As soon as the news broke, Carlos was named the new king. According to royal protocol, the day after the death of his mother, at 11 in the morning (6:00 in Chile) Carlos III will be officially proclaimed king.

Likewise, he will have an audience with the British Prime Minister, which will be exclusively with him and his cabinet, without their wives being able to accompany them. So, on the third day, Carlos will begin a tour of the United Kingdom performing different ceremonies to honor his mother.

Although he will already have the title awarded, the monarch will have to wait for his coronation due to all the tradition that goes with it.

Coronation of Carlos III: When will it take place?

According to the British media The Guardian, the event must be planned in detail by the Earl Marshal (who is currently the Duke of Norfolk), so many rule out that the event will take place in a few weeks.

Elizabeth II, predecessor of Charles, had his coronation 16 months after he ascended the throne following the death of his father. Then, different heads of state from around the world came to celebrate the monarch.

According to tradition, the coronation begins with a council at St. James’s Palace. Then, a proclamation of the new king must be made in the open air in the palace, performed by the king-at-arms.

Is must be in the presence of the count marshal and two sovereigns of the sergeants-at-armsnoble guard company in charge of accompanying the monarch.

After reading said proclamation, Carlos III must read a declaration and take an oath to preserve the Church of Scotland. Also must swear by the Church of England to maintain the established Protestant succession. This is done at the next state opening of parliament after the succession.

Alongside the King’s Proclamation at St. James’s, Edinburgh holds its own ceremony by the Lord Lyon’s King of Arms. The same is repeated in Windsor and York, where traditionally the mayor drinks to the health of the new sovereign in a golden cup.

A procession for the new king

As part of the tradition, the king arrives together with a series of carriages, being escorted by the cavalry captain. These will travel through different sectors of the capital to reach three other points where the royal proclamation will take place: at the statue of Charles I at Charing Cross, Chancery Lane and the London Stock Exchange.

After that, the procession reaches the entrance of the city in Temple Bar, and, according to tradition, the earl marshal He will appear accompanied by two trumpeters as he overtakes the caravan and positions himself at the front.

In it, there is a series of trumpet blasts for the city bailiff to ask defiantly: “Who comes there?”

When asked, the Earl Marshal must reply that “His Majesty’s officers of arms are approaching, demanding entry into the City of London.” to proclaim His Royal Majesty King Carlos III”.

Thus, he waits for the mayor to admit the cavalcade and the city can be entered. The royal procession enters the city and the proclamation is read.

After that, the mayor must raise his three-cornered hat to ask for “three cheers for the king”as gun salutes are fired from Hyde Park and the Tower of London.

So far, the exact date of the coronation of Carlos III is unknown. Likewise, it is unknown if they will follow the tradition of his predecessors to the letter.

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