Rejection produces snub from Boric to Israel’s ambassador to Chile

Rejection produces snub from Boric to Israel’s ambassador to Chile
Rejection produces snub from Boric to Israel’s ambassador to Chile

The “unforced errors” as the experts call the setbacks that the government generates unnecessarily, provoking the angry reaction of the opposition, they continue to play against President Gabriel Boric. This time, The president won a conflict and the rejection expressed from Chile Vamos to representatives of the ruling party, after his snub to Israel’s ambassador to Chile, Gil Artzyeli, was revealed.

During this session it was learned that President Boric refused to receive the Israeli ambassador to Chile, despite the fact that he had scheduled a meeting to present his credentials at 10:00 AM this Thursday. The decision would have been communicated to the diplomat when he was already in La Moneda.

This unprecedented situation provoked an angry reaction both from representatives of the Jewish Community and parliamentarians from all sectorswho did not hesitate to react harshly to what happened, especially considering that the president’s gesture would be related to the death of a Palestinian child in the Gaza Strip.

In fact, Senator Carmen Gloria Aravena (Indep. RN) described the affront to Artzyeli as “very serious, reprehensible and unacceptable”, arguing that “it is not only an offense to a country with which Chile has maintained a long and close friendship, but also it puts bilateral relations with that nation at risk, as the President gives himself a personal taste.”

For this reason, the president of the Chile-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group He urged the president to “correct this serious fact immediately, before the problem escalates and puts Chile’s foreign policy in serious trouble.” and the relations of friendship and collaboration that unite us with Israel”.

In the same line, the UDI senator Iván Moreira He called the incident “very serious.” The member of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Upper House, added that “it is not appropriate” that the head of state has not received the representative of Israel in Chile “for political reasons”, which he attributed to the inexperience of the government. “Chile does not insult, it may be different from other countries, but here we do not insult people,” he said.

For its part, the deputy of RN, Catalina del Real, agreed with Moreira that this situation accounts for the government’s inexperience in managing international relations, “Making a gesture that a diplomat does not deserve when presenting his presidential letters,” for which he advised La Moneda to admit his mistake and apologize to the Israeli government.

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More not less diplomacy

From the path of the ruling party, PPD senator Jaime Quintana could only join the opposition criticism, pointing out that in the rules of diplomacy, the presentation of diplomatic letters is the starting point of the relationship between two governments, so from his point of view “Any consultation that the Chilean government would like to obtain from another country is done with more and not less diplomacy,” which is why he said he was not in a position to support the government in the face of what happened.

While The president of the Chilean-Israeli interparliamentary group, Deputy DC Ángel Calisto, indicated that if President Boric had reservations about a specific situation in the Middle East, precisely the way to approach it is with more diplomacy, talking to the ambassador. Therefore, he stressed that what happened “is an insult, not only to the ambassador, but to the entire Jewish community in Chile, which has a strong presence and threatens Chile’s diplomatic tradition. And he announced that from the Congress a claim has already been sent to Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola for what happened.

The deputy of the Liberal Party, Alejandro Bernales He highlighted the importance of knowing the official version of the Foreign Ministry and expressed his certainty that the authorities will settle the issue so that it does not continue to escalate, but he was also categorical that “Chile has permanently maintained a good relationship with other countries and that should not change.”

An absolutely different position was expressed by deputy Jorge Brito (RD), who supported the president’s position, pointing out that “To defend human rights you have to be brave and that is why we value the brave decision of President Boric, who gave up meeting with the ambassador of a country that today has murdered another Palestinian child,” argued the president of the Chilean-Palestinian interparliamentary group.

who also reacted through his Twitter account was the lawyer and columnist for the Jewish community Gabriel Zaliasnik, who, among other things, warned that “Our history and contribution to Chile have been seriously abused by the President and deserve an unequivocal excuse.”

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