There is a concern every time President Boric makes an intervention regarding the State of Israel

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, the representative of the Jewish community in Chile, Gerardo Gorodischermet with the Minister Secretary of the Presidency, Ana Lya Uriarteand Foreign Ministry officials, to discuss the controversy unleashed after President Gabriel Boric did not agree to receive the Israeli ambassador to deliver his credentials.

At the end of the appointment, Gorodischer thanked those attending the meeting, who “they received us really in a very good waywith a frank conversation, very heartfelt, where we had the opportunity to express our concerns as a Jewish community in Chile“, assured.

This has not been easy for the communitywe have been during the last few hours and days, watching the development of these events and unfortunately have been a consequence of a series of situations that they bring from the past, the situations with Israel and the community by the President“said the spokesman.

“We believe that it is an opportunity that we have discussed, we have known each other more and we are entering in a new stage, to continue building, as it has always been willing, the Jewish community in Chile, to work for Chile, to make a better, fairer society among all“, he added.

Gerardo Gorodischer assured that since what happened, they have seen an increase in anti-Semitism on social networks, “that is an issue that has been seen, hateful and a violence that usually occurs and that is the big issue. When we have an opinion leader who makes this type of comment, it generates in the citizenry, is a validity of what you are sayingin this particular case an anti-Israelism and therefore an anti-Semitismand that does affect us”.

wave of antisemitism

The spokesman said that “there were apologies, I think sincere apologies”but clarified that “we do not have to receive apologies, the apologies are between the chancelleries between the State of Chile and the State of Israel, which was the instance that had the impasse, we came to talk about our concerns, they understood us and we were committed to continue working“said the spokesman.

There was a small crack here, which we are beginning to rebuildwe hope that, in the short term, we will be working for what has always motivated us as a community” said Gorodischer.

Likewise, he assured that “there is a concern as a communityfor every time he (President Boric) makes an intervention regarding the State of Israel, and mixes the Chilean Jews and the Jews and the State of Israel and the government in power, and it does not make a differenceit affects us, it hurts us, it reaches us and puts us at risk and that is anti-Semitism anywhere in the world and that is what we want to prevent from happening, you can criticize the State of Israelbut you have to be very careful, which is a gray area, to be able to separate one and the other so as not to generalize this wave of anti-Semitism”, closed the spokesman for the Jewish community in our country.

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