Opposition upset with Boric for his speech at the UN

Opposition upset with Boric for his speech at the UN
Opposition upset with Boric for his speech at the UN

This September 20, President Gabriel Boric made his debut at the traditional General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN) with a speech markedly focused on the political situation that Chile is going through. Its objective was to make other nations, especially developing ones, see that if they do not take measures to prevent the increase of inequality or injustice in their countries, they could suffer consequences similar to the Chilean social outbreak of October 2019.

In a nine-page speech, the president chose to give special prominence to the internal situation, which was valued by the ruling party, but harshly criticized by the opposition. One of his main objections has to do with the fact that the president has taken the time to address the issue of the social outbreak, completely leaving aside the situation of violence in La Araucanía.

In this sense the Deputy of the UDI Sergio Bobadilla regretted that the head of state had given so much time from his first speech before the assembly to the social outbreak that occurred in Chile and, on the other hand, had not done the same with respect to “to the serious events that occur in the province of Arauco and La Araucanía, where narco-terrorists have murdered, burned and displaced people from this territory against their will,” he pointed.

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“The laundry is washed at home”

Your teammate Renzo Trisotti He stated that he would have liked the words of the President before the UN to have been “of union, of the future and not of division or of a certain position”, as in his opinion the head of state would have done; while also trade union deputy Juan Manuel Fuenzalida, the speech left him with “a bitter taste, especially because abroad it tries to show a reality that did not happen in Chile”, He indicated referring to the social outbreak.

To the Deputy Alvaro Carter he was irritated that the head of state had spoken at the UN about violent international events, “But he doesn’t say a word about the violence that exists in the Macrosur area of ​​our country.”

The deputy RN Sofia Cid began his review reminding the president that “dirty clothes are washed at home.” He then emphasized that at the annual assembly of the UN it should have focused “on giving certainty and security to the world that Chile is a country where the rule of law is respected, which is what has been in doubt,” he said, adding that President Boric should have taken advantage of this international instance to guarantee that foreigners can “come with peace of mind and invest in Chile, that our country will continue to be a reliable partnera safe state that can maintain alliances as it has done so far”.

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Republican Party Senator Red Edwards accused President Boric of using this forum, “to continue blaming Carabineros for the violence that has occurred since October 18, 2019implicitly accusing them of serious human rights violations” and, additionally, he says, he does not accept his “resounding” defeat in the plebiscite.

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