More surveillance and a prosecutor to combat crimes in the Huachalalume prison

More surveillance and a prosecutor to combat crimes in the Huachalalume prison
More surveillance and a prosecutor to combat crimes in the Huachalalume prison

Government will intervene six of the most critical prisons in the country, including La Serena, and hThere will be a preferential prosecutor at the regional level to investigate causes. Parliamentarians from the area applaud the initiative. “It’s on the right line,” they warned

It is known that many crimes are committed or organized from prisons and to prevent crimes from continuing to occur and homicides from increasing in the country, which have been on the rise, the Government is already evaluating the measures that will be applied to combat organized crime in prison precincts.

Indeed, the focus of work of this new strategy, which will be led by the Public Ministry, in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice and Gendarmerie, will be centered on 6 penitentiary centers in the country: the prison complex of Arica, Valparaíso, Santiago 1 , Hill 1, Hill 2 and Huachalalume in La Serena.

The Justice authority indicated that the work to be carried out includes a reinforcement of perimeter security and preferential work will be established from prosecutors to cases related to the commission of crimes by organized gangs, either inside the prisons or from the premises. outward.

Given this, the national prosecutor Jorge Abbott commented that “organized crime is a phenomenon that is present in the country and with a greater frequency than we knew. An important part of the operation of these criminal organizations starts from the penitentiary establishments, where these organizations exist and many of them direct from the penal establishments themselves, without prejudice to the crimes committed inside the prisons. This has motivated the concern of the government and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the idea is to focus our investigations on crimes committed inside prisons in a centralized manner.”

special surveillance

From the political world this initiative is highly valued, since the main objective is to disrupt criminal gangs that operate inside prisons.

The deputy (PDG) Víctor Pino pointed out that the measures indicated by the Ministry of the Interior, through the undersecretary Manuel Monsalve, “seem very appropriate given the increase in crime in our country and also the organized gangs that are found in the interiors of prisons.

In the opinion of the parliamentarian, “it is time to act, to confront crime from all sides, especially from prisons, which, although it may not be believed, are the focus of many of these gangs that are plaguing the regions in different ways. It is essential that these measures be taken in the shortest possible time and thus be able to make all the adjustments inside the penitentiary to avoid crimes such as extortion, trafficking and corruption. For that, the joint work of the prosecutors and the gendarmerie will be fundamental for the solution of this problem that has been dragging on for several years”.

For the socialist deputy Daniel Manouchehri, “prisons are places where crimes are being generated. Crime is organized from prisons, so investigating and prosecuting criminals who operate within prisons is on the right track. For that, state-of-the-art technology and special surveillance must be used to prevent them from articulating. This is how we discussed it with Undersecretary Monsalve at the time. This announcement is good news.”

In turn, Deputy DC Ricardo Cifuentes emphasized that “unfortunately Chile’s prisons are becoming schools of crime and moreover, from there many times arise a number of crimes that are committed or that are attempted to be committed through the use of of cell phones, which is why from the Christian Democracy bench we have presented a bill so that the Ministry of Justice can, effectively, with state-of-the-art technological means, as they exist today, alter the telephone signals so that the people who are interned They cannot communicate with the outside.

At the same time, what was proposed by the Undersecretary of the Interior seems fine to him, although he warns that “these measures must be speeded up, since this idea of ​​preferential prosecutors and of assuming greater surveillance and control tasks has been talked about for a long time, but unfortunately that has not happened. I believe that this is part of the fundamental priorities that this government has to execute, that is why we say that more than worrying about political issues such as the new Constitution, what corresponds to it is to govern and this is one of the most urgent issues and perhaps one of greater sensitivity to the population.

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