They investigate the enigmatic disappearance of a British astronomer from the La Silla Observatory | National

They investigate the enigmatic disappearance of a British astronomer from the La Silla Observatory | National
They investigate the enigmatic disappearance of a British astronomer from the La Silla Observatory | National

Specialized staff of Carabinieri conduct an intense search for Thomas R. Marsh (61), British astronomer missing for six days on the northern edge of the Coquimbo region.

The researcher was on a journey of scientific inquiry in the La Silla Observatory, in the vicinity of the commune of La Higuera and the Atacama region, when his trail was lost last Friday, September 16.

This was confirmed to El Día from the venue, which is part of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) network, although without mentioning its name.

“ESO has promptly informed Carabineros, who have been searching the site and its surroundings, with the support of ESO personnel,” they noted.

“Sadly, the missing person has not yet been found. The search activities continue and the family of the disappeared person is kept periodically informed,” they indicated.

British astronomer search work at La Silla Observatory

From Carabineros they detailed that the search for Marsh is carried out by personnel from GOPE Coquimbo, after La Silla reported his disappearance to the checkpoint of La Higuera this Tuesday morning.

“Due to distance, mountainous geographical design, difficult access, winding road and very little radio and telephone signal, police personnel from the La Higuera checkpoint were appointed to the place to communicate via satellite telephone,” they indicated.

Likewise, proceedings were also requested from the Investigative Police (PDI) in order to investigate the circumstances of the disappearance of the astronomer.

These tasks are carried out by the personnel of the La Serena Homicide Brigade.

“The PDI is carrying out investigations on the ground, mainly interviews, taking statements and visual inspection at the scene of the events, in order to promptly establish the whereabouts of this person,” explained the official. Prefect Carlos Albornoz, head of the Elqui Provincial Prefecture, of the civilian police.

“In a preliminary way, other institutions are working on the search on the ground,” added the police authority.

“No hypothesis is ruled out, all lines are open,” added Albornoz.

Authorities are still attentive to the disappearance of a scientist

The fact was also reported to the Regional Presidential Delegation, who is in direct contact with ESO representatives in the region and those who are carrying out the search for the English citizen.

“We have made available the devices, both drones of the Delegation and through Onemi of requirements that have been requested by Carabineros to favor the search through devices such as the GOPE, which is on the ground,” said the presidential delegate, Ruben Quezada.

“We are ready to collaborate in the instances that are pertinent and required,” he added.

The Mayor of La Higuera, Yerko Galleguillos, indicated that the Emergency Operations Committee has not had official information nor has it been requested, although they are attentive and willing to collaborate.

“We are waiting for the issue to be made official to see how we can contribute from the municipality to the people who carry out the search, to the extent that we can have the logistical means for it, officials or vans to cooperate,” he said.

Galleguillos indicated that firefighters from the commune also carried out patrols on the 17th and 18th, without positive results.

According to Carabineros data, Thomas Richard Marsh He is 1.85 meters tall, has a slim build, short gray hair. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing jeans, shoes and a gray jacket.

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