Chile Vamos proposes committee to create constitutional principles

Chile Vamos proposes committee to create constitutional principles
Chile Vamos proposes committee to create constitutional principles

From the opposition they affirm that the organism must be composed of delegates with experience in public and institutional affairs.

chili let’s go proposed that it set up a technical-political committee of delegates to work on the drafting a proposal for constitutional principles and a proposal of an itinerary to enable a term and mechanism for the drafting of the proposal of new constitution.

Through a statement, National Renewal (RN), the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) and evopoli made known their proposal of principles for a new constituent process.

They noted that these opposition parties reaffirmed their commitment “with building a good and new Constitution for Chile”but noting that the new Magna Carta “It will only be possible if Chile has the government’s commitment to urgent social pain”.

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A good constitutional agreement cannot be at the expense of the time and resources of a Government that puts said discussion before the detriment of the urgent social problems and pains of our country”, they pointed out.

Incidentally, they stated that “Chileans have a just fear that the constitutional process will translate, againon a pretext by the government of President Boric to not take charge of their main task which is to govern“.

And, regarding the new process, they indicated that “a good Constitution will only be possible if its principles ensure better development of the country Y not a refoundation of Chilecollecting the best of our institutional tradition”.

“We propose as soon as possible to constitute a technical-political committee of delegateswhere in proportion to the political forces with parliamentary representation, people with experience in public and institutional affairs can meet to start a work in two dimensions“, they added.

In this sense, they pointed out that, on the one hand, the body must work on the “drafting a proposal for constitutional principleswhich must be expressly incorporated into the text of a future reform of article 132 and article 135 of the current Constitution”.

And let them writea proposal for an itinerary that allows the political forces to be offered a path of agreement to enablein a reasonable horizon, a deadline and mechanism for the drafting of the new constitutional text“.

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