26 Buenos Aires groups are awarded EPV competitive funds

26 Buenos Aires groups are awarded EPV competitive funds
26 Buenos Aires groups are awarded EPV competitive funds

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A total of 26 social groups benefited from the Competitive Funds made for the first time by Valparaiso Port Company (EPV) and that it sought for social and non-profit organizations in the port city to strengthen their community programs and initiatives, considering various areas linked to the axes of Community and Social Development, Heritage and Culture, and Sports and Recreation.

The award ceremony of the diplomas to the beneficiaries was attended by the mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp; the Minister of Economy, Christian Inostroza; the EPV Logistics Manager, Juan Marcos Mancilla; the president of the Communal Union of Neighborhood Councils of Valparaíso (UNCO), Isaac Alterman; and the director of Community Development of Valparaíso, Carla Meyer, among others.

Under this context, Jorge Sharp, Mayor of Valparaiso, valued the initiative, highlighting that “it is very important for Valparaíso to have a port company present in the territory, which is why I think it is an excellent decision on the part of Puerto Valparaíso to make the competitive funds available to the Valparaíso neighborhood leaders. We trust that these funds will be maintained because they allow port work to be linked to the daily life of our city”.

While, Juan Marcos Mancilla, logistics manager of EPV, stated that “we are very happy to carry out this initiative for the first time, because these are funds that reach 26 institutions in Valparaíso, territorially that means reaching 17 hills in the city and that is very important. We are contributing to the development of sports clubs, neighborhood associations, senior citizen clubs and others, which allows us as EPV to generate this link with the city of which we are a neighbor and to work together”.

For its part, Isaac Alterman, President of UNCOindicated that “it seems to us a very good initiative because the Port Company is part of Valparaíso and has to be linked with the different territories, and this is a way of doing it, it is also a call to the neighbors to defend the port of Valparaíso, which is our main economic activity in the city”.

The 2022 competitive funds summoned functional and territorial social organizations and other non-profit entities domiciled in the city of Valparaíso, among them are neighborhood associations, Housing and Development Committees, Clubs for the Elderly, Mother Centers , Sports Clubs, Cultural Centers, Local Health Councils, Functional Organizations, Foundations and Corporations, among others.

Among the awarded projects are the repair and beautification of social headquarters, recreational and sports activities, the purchase of supplies or goods such as clothing, accessories, among others.

On the part of the beneficiaries, Fernando Johnson, from the Lautaro Sports Club of Cerro Cordillera, pointed out that “the contribution we requested was for sports implementation. We have many children in the soccer school and we need sports equipment, divers and balls, because we have the field twice a week to do sports activities, so we are very happy that Puerto Valparaíso continues to support us, it has been a contribution very big for us as a sports club”.

Likewise, Julia Poblete, president JJVV 137B Rebirth of Laguna Verdepointed out that “we are very happy to have applied and won this project, because we are furnishing the bathrooms with all their implements, we are going to buy tables, chairs and furniture from a venue that we won, to have comfort and hygiene”.

The president of the Valparaíso Tango Club, Rebeca Torres, was also happy about the initiative, since it will allow them to meet again with the members of their club, “we applied for the anniversary party that is approaching and we are super happy because we are going to have the contribution to celebrate, because we recently returned to meet for the pandemic. We are very grateful for the contribution.”

Among the favored organizations are the Sonrisa y Corazones Senior Adult Club; the Pedro Aguirre Cerda Sports Association; the Aurora de Chile, Juventud Bolívar, Lautaro, Social and Cultural Wilson, Unión La Isla, Unión Rocuant and Progreso Pleasures sports clubs; the Valpo Sports Social Club; the El Esfuerzo Sports School; the NGOs Galerna and La Matriz; the Cultural Center La Ventisqueriana; the Women’s Mutual Aid Society “Luís Guevara Ortúzar”; the Valparaiso Tango Club; the Betania Acoge and Circo Museo foundations; and the Neighborhood Councils 125 Gas-Ossa-Grecia, Barrio Puerto, Cerro Santo Domingo, Cerro Toro, Población Paz Cerro El Liter, Porvenir Bajo, Recreo y Rodríguez and Renacer Laguna Verde.

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