“With shorter deadlines and expert support”: Boric’s keys on the new constituent process | National

“With shorter deadlines and expert support”: Boric’s keys on the new constituent process | National
“With shorter deadlines and expert support”: Boric’s keys on the new constituent process | National

President Boric advocated a new Convention with limited deadlines and with the support of a commission of experts, for a new constituent process. “There are things that should be evident,” said the president. “I think you don’t have to address every identity claim that exists in society,” he said.

The President Gabriel Boric assured that a new constituent process it should have shorter deadlines and a committee of experts.

This was stated during the forum “The New Chilean Politics and its Regional Implications”, of the World Leaders program at Columbia University.

On the occasion, the president was consulted on the mechanisms for a new Constitution after the triumph of the Rejection.

Let us remember that the political parties are still negotiating a mechanism that will allow the constitutional process to continue, amid tensions with the government.

Boric and new constituent process: New Convention “with clear borders and deadlines”

In this regard, Boric showed caution, assuring that “it is a very sensitive question, because at this moment negotiations are taking place in Congress to be able to decide how to continue.”

And while he admitted that “The government has an opinion on how to proceed,” He maintained that “we also understand that our main role today is to facilitate that agreement and govern.”

Likewise, despite emphasizing that La Moneda “does not intend to guide Congress regarding the content of that agreement,” it added that “Yes, there are things that should be evident.”

“The majority of the Chilean people pronounced on October 25, 2020 for a new Constitution, written by a body 100% elected for that purpose. Therefore, the idea that a new Constitution can only be reached through an agreement between the parties or designated experts would not respond to the mandate that the people of Chile established”, stated Boric.

Subsequently, he pointed to a new Convention “with clear borders and deadlines”, in addition to a committee of experts.

“I hope we will have a new Convention with clearer borders; perhaps shorter deadlines taking into account previous experience; and support from a committee of experts or people who contribute to making the discussion easier and more digestible for everyone,” she said.

“I hope we have a Constitution that is a meeting point and not a dividing axis that will continue to conflict with us for many more decades,” he added.

Finally, he pointed to a “more general Constitution, I think it does not have to address each of the identity demands that exist in society.”

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