Outstanding wood sculptor obtains award of excellence with his piece “Llagantu” (Time) News

Outstanding wood sculptor obtains award of excellence with his piece “Llagantu” (Time) News
Outstanding wood sculptor obtains award of excellence with his piece “Llagantu” (Time) News

Alfonso Moya, has outstanding works that are inspired by the energy of volcanoes, lakes, rivers, native forests and the ancestral culture in the southern territories.

The sculptor, adds important recognitions at national and international level, with three seals of excellence for craftsmanship, recognition of craftsmanship excellence by UNESCO, and even exhibitor at the revelation biennial France 2022.

See gallery of images with the creation of his piece “Llagantu”

The Ministry of Cultures and the Pontifical Catholic University recently awarded the Seal of Excellence Award for Crafts 2022, a recognition that distinguishes nine works chosen from the more than 200 applications received from all over the country.

From Los Lagos, the work “Etnomathematics, Cauchahue”, by Osvaldo Guineo, from Caulín Island, received this recognition; and “Antihual, series of manila ribbed drums”, by Cecilia Chamorro, from the commune of Puerto Montt. From the Metropolitan Region, the work of goldsmith craftswoman Ana Nadjar, from Providencia, was awarded with the work “Reino Fungi”; and Jorge Olate, a luthier from Florida, with his work “Cuatro Abya Yala, a tribute to the forests of our continent”.

Likewise, the wood craftsman Alfonso Moya, from Cunco, La Araucanía Region, won his third Seal with his work “Llagantu”; while Tatané Durán, ceramic artisan from San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta Region, did it with “Zorro Colorado”. The weaver Margarita Vidal, from Marchigüe, O’Higgins Region, won with her work “Gasa Mestiza” and Sonia Brañez, an Aymara textile artisan from Arica, Arica and Parinacota Region, received this recognition thanks to her work ” Roana Kuti Awayu”; Irma Viveros, from San Pedro de la Paz, Biobío Region, did it for her work “Tiempos de Pandemia”.

“Llagantu” (Time), the work of Alfonso Moya

«Llagantu» (The time), consists of a piece carved in chestnut wood, which represents the volcanoes, lake, birds, ancestral cultures and makes a reading of how by making art we reach future generations, we write our present with the knowledge that come from the past.

In this regard, we talked with Alfonso Moya about his creations.

What did it mean to receive this new 2022 seal of excellence award?

The seal of excellence is something very gratifying for one as an artisan, especially when the objective is not to create objects or pieces for the market, it is to share stories and emotions, when the objective is to talk about the territory that one inhabits or the stories that one has lived.

It’s those emotions that are sculpted, that hug, conversation, look, affection… freeze that moment that you don’t want to forget…

What is this piece inspired by? What does it mean to you? What is your story?

The way we have to express culture or express ourselves through art is contradictory to how the world is seen today, because when we express culture through art we deliver with the knowledge we received in the past what we want to express in the future. present, to be read in the future.

Very similar to how nature manifests itself, for the same reason we do not do it consciously, it is something innate. Despite everything that happens in the globalized world, we are still part of nature. We can see it in the giants that protect everything from the mountain range, the volcanoes accumulate energy for thousands of years and explode in a second to change the future.

Today we live in a world where nothing matters, only producing disposable goods is paramount, our attitudes and actions are not focused on wisdom, tenderness, and what and how we are cultivating our paths. That’s why we had to lock ourselves in our houses, an unknown virus covered our mouths, leaving us with our hands tied, without being able to hug each other because what we lost was recognizing ourselves by showing that what we have to recover is the LLAGANTU (time) this time that read in a spiral where the past, present and future are a whole to move towards where we come from

Alfonso Moya has important recognitions, among them:

  • Recognition of artisanal excellence Unesco 2017 2018
  • Seal of excellence for crafts Chile 2018 with the work ngen del lago.
  • Seal of excellence for crafts Chile 2019 with the work of the llama singing
  • Seal of excellence for Chilean crafts 2022 with the work Llagantu
  • Exhibitor at revelation biennial France 2022
  • Recognition of sustainable luxury in Latin American art 2022 in Buenos Aires Argentina

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