Without the government due to pressure from Chile Let’s go, meetings are resumed by constituent process

Without the government due to pressure from Chile Let’s go, meetings are resumed by constituent process
Without the government due to pressure from Chile Let’s go, meetings are resumed by constituent process

After Chile’s claims We are saying that the government “was setting guidelines”, then asking that they not be present, this Friday the political meetings were resumed to promote a new constitutional process.

With the former Congress as the venue and without the presence of the government of Gabriel Boric, after pressure from Chile Vamos, they resumed the meetings of representatives of political parties, in order to promote a new constituent process.

It should be remembered that the minister of the Segpres, Ana Lya Uriarte, chose to withdraw from today’s meeting, “to decompress the spirits”after the right wing accused, according to their perception, that the Executive was trying to “regulate” the debate.

Regarding the absence of the government, the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, clarified last night in CHV that “we are going to do everything necessary to make this work And if that ever means the meeting is going to be done without us, we’re going to do it.”

Among the attendees are the president of the UDI, Javier Macaya, his RN counterpart, Francisco Chahuán, as well as the deputy Diego Ibáñez (Social Convergence); Paulina Vodanovic, president of the PS; Guillermo Teillier, helmsman of the PC, the RD deputy Catalina Pérez, the deputy of Commons, Emilia Schneider and the president of this conglomerate, Marco Velarde.

For the Republican Party, the only store that is against a new constituent process, former conventionalist Ruth Hurtado, interim president after the departure of Rojo Edwards, was present. In addition, Senator Iván Moreira (UDI), the RN deputy and general secretary of that store, Diego Schalper, and the president of the People’s Party, Luis Moreno, arrived.

Upon arrival, the President of the Senate, Álvaro Elizalde (PS)commented to the press that “the most important thing is that there is a commitment from all the political forces that are part of this dialogue to come up with concrete, specific proposals that allow progress to be made.”

In this regard, and regarding the contents of the process, the D.C. Senator Matthias Walker He advocated “a smaller Convention” and that a “commission of experts can prepare a proposal, so that this work does not start from scratch”

Meanwhile, he valued “the words of the President of the Republic because they are in line with what many of us have proposed, learning from the mistakes of the previous constituent process.”

Yesterday, the head of state expressed in New York that hopes that the new constitutional text will be constructed in a “more general” way, and have “borderlines” and limited deadlines. Likewise, he assured that “the Constitution does not have to address each of the identity demands that exist in society.”

It is expected that, after the meeting, those present will deliver relevant details to give certainty to the population.

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