Price of the dollar in Chile today, September 23: exchange rate and value in Chilean pesos

Chile is currently facing a complex economic scenario and one of the most affected fronts has been the price of the dollar. During the past month of July, the exchange rate reached historic amounts on several days, consecutively reaching values ​​above the $1,000 daily.

As a result of this, the Central Bank had to intervene in the financial market to reverse the sharp rise in the price of the dollar in the country. The increase in the exchange rate generates a series of negative repercussions in different areas of the economy and that is why the public entity intervened, seeking to modify the price of the currency.

In any case, the national economy was already facing previous internal difficulties. The coronavirus pandemic and then the war between Russia and Ukraine also had an impact, deepening this contingency, which is reflected in the swings in the value of the dollar in Chile.

What is the price of the dollar today September 23?

This Friday the 23rd of September, and according to the information provided by the central bankthe current day begins in the country with an observed price of the dollar that amounts to $943.07. Meanwhile, yesterday, Thursday the 22nd, the exchange rate stood at $938.82.

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