“I hope for the good of Chile that the government separates itself from the constituent process”

“I hope for the good of Chile that the government separates itself from the constituent process”
“I hope for the good of Chile that the government separates itself from the constituent process”

In crucial hours for the dialogues for the new constituent itinerary, the president of Evópoli bet that “we are going to reach an agreement soon”. The emergence of Amarillos as a party and the second term of Boric’s government were also part of her analysis with the program “Hands Free”, which is broadcast in collaboration with El Desconcierto.

Optimistic that there will soon be a broad agreement between the different political forces with a view to the second stage of the constitutional process, the president of Evópoli, Luz Poblete, outlined the so-called “edges” in which, according to Chile Vamos, this new path should be framed.

Asked about her experience as a psychologist with a specialization in sociology and, regarding how she looks at what the country has experienced in recent years, the leader pointed out that “the diagnosis would be bipolarity”.

“Since the great social mobilizations of 2019, we went to a peace agreement after episodes of violence that we had not seen in many decades from some groups, we cannot say all of them. Speaking of psychological terms, I always try to distinguish and dissociate. It is necessary to disassociate what was the legitimate mobilization for social demands as a result of the gaps that we still have, of inequality, of abuses and of the way of doing politics, why not say it? This has been a shock to the entire political class, wherever it comes from. This has nothing to do with everything being done wrong or everything right, there we return to polarization. What is true is that we were blind in looking at this whole process of discontent and we did not take the time to diagnose it. We politicians were bad psychologists because we were not reading the symptoms in a denialwhich is a defense mechanism, and the disease was unleashed in a very drastic way that we have to repair”, he indicates.

Continuing her analysis, Luz Poblete maintained that it is now essential to continue with this process and pointed to what her coalition intends “regardless of how much the Rejection won.” “We as Chile Vamos made a commitment to give continuity to the process to close it with a new and good Constitution. As in psychology, here it is also very important to finish the treatments properly. I know that the people are tired, they are disillusioned, they don’t want any more war, anyway, but politicians as ‘psychologists’ should say ‘be patient, the processes have to settle down, we have to think in the long term, etc.’ What I want to say is that if this wound has already opened, if we have already been able to see the symptoms, now we have to achieve a good treatment that will last for many years in which Chile feels good in a house for everyone with a leaf route that allows meeting future challenges. But we will soon reach an agreement for it”.

Experts, limits and citizen participation

Regarding the way in which the action and the scope of the so-called experts in contrast to the active participation of citizensand the so-called “limits”, the president of Evópoli indicated that there are different ways of seeing these aspects “dFrom common sense, which is what the recently failed Convention did not have, one can establish certain criteria, political criteria, criteria regarding some borders or limits that we cannot exceed because that implies questioning our democracy, our institutional stability, which is already in crisis, and also our own freedoms, in order to have a truly democratic discussion regarding our Magna Carta. For me, those were the three pillars that made the previous process fail. Every game has rules and that regulation has to end in principles that define the work to be followed, regardless of the body”.

“Now, about the experts, we propose that they be people who have knowledge. When I say knowledge, I do not necessarily say in constitutional matters, because for that we call all the constitutional lawyers, who did not give guarantees within the Convention. We think of accumulated knowledge, that is, regarding the different areas that are going to be discussed, not only constitutional law. Experience and political criteria are also important from the various political forces that are represented in Parliament. All this so as not to make the mistakes of the last Convention”, he maintains.

Refering to active citizen participation in what is to comeLuz Poblete maintained that all possibilities are open. “We are just discussing what that mechanism would be. It can be a new citizen bodyas well as citizen voices that say ‘why don’t they make me choose, through an entry plebiscite, what the mechanism is going to be like?’. That is also a form of citizen participation that we must talk about and put it on the table”.

And regarding the possible terms of the new process, Poblete assured that, by virtue of the frameworks indicated by the Electoral Service, there is a consensus for it to end no later than the end of 2023.

The president of Evópoli, Luz Poblete, together with Chilean leaders Let’s go to the meetings for the new constituent process. ONE Agency

The emergence of Amarillos as a political party

Finally, and consulted by the beginning of the Yellows for Chile movement process to formalize as a political party, Luz Poblete said she did not feel it as a threat, but as something that comes to refresh the current scenario.

“As a good liberal that I am, and it is a point that we have also talked about this internally, I can say that it is so important in democracy that spaces are opened, and that people like Amarillos – beyond surely we will have differences, because they are building a different thing for a reason – it only enriches democracy in our country. They are sensible people, with good ideas and good leadership. I believe that the political cycle is in full transformation, it is moving, I remember that before entering active politics in Evópoli, I used to say that we have to evolve in this from the left and from the right, that this had to move, new configurations have to be created, geography politics has been changing, without imagining that we were going to be at a time of great political movement. I am referring to the appearance of many groups of the extreme left, of a center that has also moved, Amplitude and Citizens disappeared, we continue in Evópoli with parliamentary representation, having an important role and having built bridges with the Yellows themselves. There are many people there that I admire, who dared to take a step and cross the path of Approval to Rejection, in short”, he maintains.

“The truth is that something like this was very much needed. expand democracy, after so many years of polarization and such a fragmented conversation. So, I think that refreshing politics with new movements, new parties and new faces invites and challenges us to also mobilize in a different way. And that cannot be anything other than enriching democracy and politics, which so badly needs this refresh”, he sentenced.

The second half of Boric’s government

Asked about her impression of the ministerial adjustment and what the center right expects with the integration of new authorities to the government team, the president of Evópoli was expectant regarding the results. “It is a move that this government composed of two coalitions and -therefore- with two souls inside. The most revolutionary and refoundational vision of the country that is embodied in President Boric’s program, which he also directly associated with the approval of the constituent process, is very different. Remember that the ministers said that if the text was not approved, it would be difficult to implement the program because both things were intertwined. Let’s continue with the psychological jargon: there was a symbiotic relationship between government action and the failed text. So it was important that after six months of a government that has been paralyzed – or at least has diverted its energy, time and resources to the process – once it is defeated, gave that change of direction, which was from the Broad Front-Communist Party to the Democratic Socialism that has more experience in governing, that is evident«.

In his opinion, «It seems that this moral superiority that Giorgio Jackson spoke of, destroying everything that had been achieved before, was not so. This government has not had an easy time, not only because of how they are structured internally, but also because of the world context and the country context, so it is not least how they establish their organizational structure, their cabinet. I imagine that with this change of direction in the most important ministries, such as Interior and Segpres, in their relationship with Parliament, there will also be a profound change in terms of structuring, adjusting and modifying that program that was too intertwined with a process that failure. I hope, for the good of Chile and its political stability, that the government separates itself from the constituent process and takes charge of social emergencies and the legitimate demands, because the people are also tired of this process, which is important and must continue its course and finish, but it cannot be the priority, the priority is social emergencies”.

Later, and before the approach of what it should have meant for President Boric, to remove Giorgio Jackson from his position, the leader of Evópoli pointed out how difficult these instances are. “The change of cabinet is always the most difficult for any president because, in theory, they put all the meat on the grill, and he did it. He put the maximum trust center of him, it was difficult to think of Boric alone, one always imagines him with Camila Vallejo and Giorgio Jackson as a very powerful triumvirate. So, it must not have been easy to make that decision, and I think it happened at a time when the President is obliged to make a change of switch in your head to feel like the President of the Republic of Chile and not the directing leader of a party or a coalition. He is not the leader of the Broad Front, he has to realize and internalize that he is going to have to take very complex definitions that can cost him friendships, as has happened to all the leaders.

In this context, he reflects: «And there one questions something else, Was it really Jackson (the person for the position in Segpres)? He was with Jackson for eight years in Parliament and knew the relationship he could have with parliamentarians, so not to consider that, I think he also risked that. I don’t understand how they didn’t do that analysis before, knowing that it was a bullet to take out or put out in a short time. Of course, Giorgio Jackson is also won over by his arrogance, his ego, he spoke of moral superiority, I imagine that when they offered it to him, he said ‘that is the ministry that I want, that is where I am going to handle myself because I know it like the back of my hand’, when he did not even talk in the first months. Remember that Democratic Socialism said ‘but if this rooster does not talk with us, how are we going to support, how are we going to reach agreements, how are we going to support the few legislative projects proposed by the Executive’”.

“Here there are shared responsibilities because it was not just a decision of the President, this was discussed between them. I think the decision he made was very difficult and, at least, the political relationship there is distant…hopefully it doesn’t affect the friendship. That’s the problem with naming friends,” he pointed out.

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