They find keys of the missing astronomer in the Atacama desert

The whereabouts of the British astronomer and astrophysicist Thomas Richard Marsh61, remains an unknown after losing his trail since the early hours of Friday, September 16, in the offices of the La Silla Observatorylocated in the Atacama desert.

According to information from the newspaper El Día, a new precedent linked to the disappearance of the astronomer was revealed after one of the officials of the complex found Marsh’s room keys on the way between the hotel where he was staying and his place of work.

It is worth remembering that the belongings of the prominent scientist, who traveled to the country for work reasons, were found intact in his room at the time of his disappearance.

did not travel alone

Similarly, it was reported that Thomas Marsh did not travel alone to the La Silla ObservatoryInstead, he did so accompanied by one of his first-year doctoral students from the University of Warwick, where the astronomer teaches.

As confirmed by Odette Toloza, Marsh’s friend and colleague at the complex, in a conversation with Mucho Gusto, the scientist “had to go make observations for four nights. Every time Tom goes to La Silla take the opportunity to take your studentsand this time it was with his first-year Ph.D. student.”

“The last time they had contact was the day before his disappearance was reported. They said goodbye to go to bed, and the next day they would have lunch or breakfast together, but he didn’t show up. I am not totally clear about everything that happened, but then the student asked for him and there were no traces. He thought that he would be resting after a long trip from England, but when they had to start making the observations as such, he did not go to the place, “explained Toloza.

A eight days after his disappearancePolice teams from the Gope de Carabineros, regional experts and the Central Criminalistics Laboratory of the PDI are working on the location of the British and other search groups have joined the work of tracking his whereabouts.

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