VIDEO. Chile sent a chicken nugget from “Among Us” into space

VIDEO. Chile sent a chicken nugget from “Among Us” into space
VIDEO. Chile sent a chicken nugget from “Among Us” into space

The action consisted of a campaign led by Super Pollo that seeks to promote a new product that refers to the popular game that broke the Internet during the pandemic.

An unusual campaign carried out Super Chicken when launching an astronaut from the popular game “Among Us” into space as part of a promotional campaign for its new product.

It was an event that was broadcast live by the Chilean streamer Dylantero. In a live exhibited how a piece of chicken was thrown in the shape of one of the main memes of Internetaccompanied by various comments.

Everything is part of a campaign carried out by the business that, days ago, released a new collection within its products. It was about some Chicken Nuggets that sought to honor one of the phenomena that broke the network during the pandemic by Covid-19.

In fact, it is worth remembering, in the past a person came to buy a piece of chicken with a similar shape in June 2021. Thus, an auction eBay ended up with someone buying the figure for almost 100 thousand dollars. Namely, an exuberant figure just for a curious shape.

It was in this context, and knowing well the cultural impact that the figure has, even appearing in Japanese series, that Super Chicken decided to gamble with the product. Thus, days before he warned of the action that the Dylantero streamer with a series of images referencing the game.

As a result of this, various foreign sites began to collect the impressions left by this great event. Along these lines, it was highlighted how Chili achieved, in his own way, a striking record of human ability.

Send a piece of funny chicken into space.

Check out the full stream of the Among Us nugget launch

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