Details of the departure of Mirna Schindler from Channel 13

Details of the departure of Mirna Schindler from Channel 13
Details of the departure of Mirna Schindler from Channel 13

It was on friday september 30 when the journalist Mirna Schindler reported her departure from Channel 13, through a video uploaded to her Instagram account. The post, in which she said she felt “calm”, went viral, accumulating more than 100,000 views.

Specifically, the driver was released the day before, after the broadcast of the morning Your day, where he had an altercation with the UDI deputy Cristóbal Urruticoechea. However, Inés Matte Urrejola sources say, the reasons for his dismissal were “deeper”: his figure would not have ended up convincing the production of the signal.

But the plot of Schindler’s departure is not over yet: is being advised by the lawyer Esteban Barra to reach an economic agreement with the station controlled by the Luksic family.

According to sources, the journalist had an indefinite contract (something unusual for the industry, since drivers and faces generally carry out a service provision contract through a legal entity) and that she was fired on the grounds of “company needs”. This would have taken the former Special Report journalist by surprise, who contacted Barra to reach an agreement and avoid a labor lawsuit -for unjustified dismissal- against Channel 13.

Given this, Channel 13 explained to DF MAS that “the journalist Mirna Schindler had an indefinite contract, which was terminated on Thursday, September 29, 2022, due to company needs. Channel 13 paid what it corresponded, which was materialized through the subscription of a settlement. The station fully and timely complied with all its obligations as established by current labor legislation and its contract.”

Schindler’s departure is not the first on the morning of the 13th. Since the beginning of the broadcast (in November 2021) they have stepped aside Mauricio Jürgensen, Ángeles Araya, Emilio Sutherland (the last two are still at the station).

The initial project was to create a space like Today from NBC. However, that did not happen and they had to opt for something more traditional”, affirms a source from the Inés Matte Urrejola station. The low rating would have forced the channel to make deep changes in Your day.

And this, precisely, is related to Schindler’s disengagement. Since the middle of the year it was already heard in the corridors of the channel that the program would have changes and that new faces would arrive (such as José Luis Repenning and Priscilla Vargas). With this modification, the figure of the journalist would change to a field reporting role, something that did not end up convincing her.

The legal process is not over yet. although both legal teams maintain recurring contact. Of course, for more than a month there have been “important” differences that have affected the process, says a connoisseur.

Since the departure of Schindler and Araya (and the arrival of Repenning and Vargas) the tune in the morning has grown significantly: they are getting closer to Nice to meet you from mega already with you in the morning from Chilevision.

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