“Get off the roads”: Monsalve deepens the government’s position on the strike and demands of truckers | National

“Get off the roads”: Monsalve deepens the government’s position on the strike and demands of truckers | National
“Get off the roads”: Monsalve deepens the government’s position on the strike and demands of truckers | National

This Thursday morning, the Minister(s) of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, spoke harshly to the truckers from the north, telling them to leave the routes they have taken, and reaffirmed the Government’s proposal within the framework of the dialogue with unmobilized carriers.

“I ask the truckers to take care of the country, the damage that is being caused to the economy and the normal functioning of the country is serious, get off the roads”said the authority from Congress, who today replaces Carolina Tohá while she serves as vice president.

Before the press, Monsalve indicated that the course of action taken has two axes: the presentation of complaints by State Security Law and the instruction to Carabineros so that this institution clears the roads taken.

The latest has already happened in Arica, according to Monsalve himself, where if the order is not complied with, the police will be able to arrest those who disrupt public order, not by State Security Law, he explained.

“The damage that is caused to the country is enormous. The aggression of taking over the highways is not an aggression against the Governmentit is an aggression against the citizens and in that we cannot have flexibility, ”he settled.

“The first call to truckers is to clear the routes. Can they manifest? Of course, but not with a measure of force that alters the normal functioning of the country. Put trucks on the shoulders, if you feel like it, but We are not going to allow free transit to be obstructed.”He launched.

Agreement between truckers and the Government

Monsalve also reacted to the statement by the CNTC leader, Sergio Pérez, who ignored the agreement that he himself announced on Monday after a meeting with the Treasury, a document that its bases finally rejected.

The minister (s) affirmed that those who sat at the table on Monday want to talk again, adding the mobilized Fuerza del Norte confederation.

“There is a proposal on the table that was accepted by several unions. We have said that we are willing to specify what each of these measures implies and we will always be willing to talk, but talk with forceful measures the Government will not accept it “warning.

Asked specifically about Pérez, Monsalve said that he does not want to enter into polemics with him, because he does not know “if Chile is interested.”

“The concrete thing is that he was sitting in the Ministry of Finance, he valued the document that was reached, he asked the Minister of Finance to sign it, then he took a photo with the Minister of Finance and then his bases did not support him. I do not think that this is a controversy that serves the country, ”he said.

So far, the Government’s commitment entails, among other measures, freezing the price of diesel for three months.

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