Chile 1962, the World Cup in which Garrincha was the kingHalftime

Chile 1962, the World Cup in which Garrincha was the kingHalftime
Chile 1962, the World Cup in which Garrincha was the kingHalftime

After his overwhelming exhibition in Sweden 1958, Brazil appeared at the Chilean World Cup 1962 consolidated as the best soccer team in the world, for which reason it immediately became a natural candidate to become the two-time championship thanks to an exquisite generation led by Pelealthough a moment of bewilderment caused doubts and uncertainty would emerge.

By easily beating Mexico 2-0 in the opener, the verdeamarelha met with czechoslovakia in a rocky game in which they barely tied 0-0driven by the fears that were unleashed by the distension of adductor of the right thigh that he suffered at minute 28 crack of Santoswho would not step on the Chilean courts again due to this problem.

But it was a temporary disappointment, since it was the turn that they appeared others players with superlative qualities, as was the case with mane garrinchathe so-called “Angel with crooked legs”, a huge footballer capable of making unexpected dribbles, taking powerful shots and sending precise centers for his teammates in attack, who would be in charge of taking command in the representative to guide him to the crown.

Brazil’s path to the title

With three points added, Brazil was found to Spain in the third meeting with the obligation to at least get the tie so as not to compromise his pass, which would throw up 90 minutes of tension that was only unraveled thanks to the erratic performance of the whistling Sergio Bustamante and the ingenuity of Garrincha, in complicity with Amarildo, who had replaced Pele.

Initially the whistling did not score a penalty clear of Nilton Santos about Collar and minutes later annulled a spectacular goal scissor to Joaquin Peiro accusing that there was dangerous play in the play, paving the road to the brazilian so that they would go back in the complementary one.

Amarildo equalized at 72′ after a great assist from Zagallo, which led to Spain to open up in search of the goal that would put her in the next phaseand that was when Garrincha exploded with a great action in which he shook three markers to attend a Amarildo for him to do his doublet at minute 86 (2-1).

The Botafogo legend continued with its show in the Rooms of Final in view of Englanda match in which he scored two goals (minutes 31 and 59) –strangely one with a header, something seen on few occasions throughout his career–, in addition to generating the play with which Vavá completed the 3-1 draw in the marker (53′).

That same formula would be given in the Semifinal in view of Chilisince between Garrincha and Vavá would eliminate the hosts with two doubles that would create a 4-2 victory against a packed National Stadium, with the exception that the “Angel with Crooked Legs” -nickname given to him for having his right leg six centimeters smaller than the left– would be expelled by a assault Eladio Rojas.

According to various versionsthe Brazilian Soccer Confederation requested the intervention of President of his country, Tancredo Neves, to advocate for the player so that could dispute the Finalalthough it is also affirmed that there was some bribery in the middle; meanwhile, another theory suggests that Arturo Yamazaki did not note the expulsion on the card, versions that only fed the myth of why Garrincha was able to play the Final.

Accepted your participation in the Final, Garrincha was surprised by a fever 38 degrees, so it had to be medicated without being able to reach his maximum level, although there Amarildo (17′), Zito (69′) and Vavá (78′) did the job to ensure the second world championship in the history of the brazilian national team and in Pelé’s career, despite having played only a few minutes with a 3-1 defeat of Czechoslovakia, a team they met again.

The Champions

Gylmar, Djalma Santos, Mauro Ramos, Zito, Zózimo, Nílton Santos, Garrincha, Didí, Coutinho, Pelé, Pepe, Jair Marinho, Bellini, Jurandir, Altair, Zequinha, Mengálvio, Jair da Costa, Vavá, Amarildo, Mario Zagallo and Castilho . DT: Aymore Moreira.

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