Message from Berizzo to Bravo for his exclusion from La Roja

Message from Berizzo to Bravo for his exclusion from La Roja
Message from Berizzo to Bravo for his exclusion from La Roja

La Roja will be put to the test in two friendlies against World Cup rivals. The national team will face Morocco this Friday in Barcelona, ​​while next Tuesday they will challenge Qatar in Vienna. The minitour in the ‘Old Continent’ will serve Eduardo Berizzo to outline a possible eleventh thinking about the next qualifying process. In this context, the Argentine DT spoke to the media this Thursday. In the instance he explained, among other things, why he did not mention the historic captain of the team, Claudius Bravo.

“An administrative circumstance prevented him from starting the league and having games, but as long as he has his usual performance, he is open to being called. I am sure that when the national team needs him, Claudio will be ready”, said the strategist of the Chilean team.

Other Berizzo phrases at the conference

Ages of nominated footballers: “I don’t divide the players by age or position, this National Team needs them all”.

Breretton’s position: “Brereton is a moving player, we will try to combine attacking movements with one or two attackers. That his game is connected with the dynamics of constant movement. He is not a footballer who prefers the static. I don’t prefer it that way either. He is a striker who needs to run into space.”

The importance of Vidal and Alexis: “They have the importance that experience gives, and it is necessary for the players who are embedded in this National Team. Young people themselves find in them signs of admiration. They must be the ones who drive this energy and raise the level of the National Team, demanding that young people approach their hierarchy. We need everyone, that each one contributes the best they have, and we find ourselves in that process”.

Byron Castillo case: “They have asked me and I preferred to abstain. I’m not the one to opine on a legal issue. We are looking forward to the new process and I am focused on sports. The list of footballers is not designed based on. I am ready for any scenario. I am not the one to answer about the legal process of this case.”

Analysis of the Moroccan team: “It is a speed team, with very technical bands, they have recovered footballers. How will he do in the World Cup? I cannot guess. I wish tomorrow wouldn’t go so well for him.”

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