The drama of a former UC that is about to drop to the fourth category

There are two dates left for the end of the Second Professional Division 2022. At the top of the table, San Marcos de Arica and Sports Valdivia They are fighting for the title, but at the bottom there are five teams that are suffering from not being relegated: Iberia, San Antonio United, Sports Concepción, Rodelindo Román and Independent of Cauquenes. The latter is the bottom of the contest and it seems that only a miracle could save him from Third division.

In that complicated club is Diego Vallejos, former Catholic University and semifinalist of the 2020 South American Cup with Coquimbo Unido. Despite his seven goals in the tournament, the forward has not been able to get the team out of the delicate position in which he finds himself.

The seven conquests of Vallejos they were in seven different duels, of which his team could barely win one (3-0 versus Concepción). The rest were five losses and a draw.

The attacker scored 39 percent of the team’s goals, which has suffered from a lack of efficiency. To this, it is added that it is the second most scored cast of the contest: it received 32 goals and only surpasses it in that item Royal San Joaquin (33).

Diego Vallejos has scored seven goals for Independiente de Cauquenes, bottom team in the Second Professional Division.Chilean Championship

The tough scenario for Independiente

With six points at stake, Independiente de Cauquenes (18) is five away from salvation, so yes or yes, they must win the remaining two games and wait for results. Iberia is the one with the first option to stay in the division because it has 24 points, San Antonio Unido and Deportes Concepción have 23 units, and they would be saved because Rodelindo Román only adds 21 and would accompany the cast of Maule to the Third Division.

Independiente must play against Iberia in Los Angeles and then close against Deportes Concepción at home. In that duel, if certain results are given, one of the relegated could be defined.

Fixture of the five teams fighting not to be relegated to the Third Division


Iberia (8th)Independent of Cauquenes (12th)

Rodelindo Roman (11th) – Real San Joaquin (6th)

Sports Valdivia (2nd) – San Antonio United (9th)

Lautaro de Buin (4th) – Sports Conception (10th)


San Antonio United (9th) – Lautaro de Buin (4th)

Sports Concepción (10th) – Rodelindo Roman (11th)

Independent of Cauquenes (12th) – Limache Sports (7th)

General Velasquez (3rd) – Iberia (8th)

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