“He’s a complicated player and he hasn’t been in the U”

“He’s a complicated player and he hasn’t been in the U”
“He’s a complicated player and he hasn’t been in the U”

University of Chile

The historic former player of the University of Chile, Sandrino Castec shattered Ronnie Fernández for his constant controversies within the club

By Gerald Rosales

09/22/2022 – 08:47 p.m. CLT

© Agency OneSandrino Castec fell with everything to Ronnie Fernández

Universidad de Chile prepares for what will be a new edition of the Clásico Universitariowhere the Blues will receive at the Santa Laura Stadium the Catholic University for the first leg quarterfinals in the Chile Cup, where those coached by Sebastian Miranda They will seek to strike the first blow of the series against the ‘Crusaders’.

Prior to this meeting, Bolavip Chile spoke exclusively with Sandrino Castecformer player and idol of the Romantic Traveler, who had words for what this new confrontation will be against those from the foothills, where he pointed out that the U should not keep anything and should go out and play with the best it has.

“I think that U has to play with the best it has, I think it’s logical. Miranda knows them, she has been in the U for a while and He will have the option of being able to show that he is qualified to lead this team that has had so many problemsthen it’s not like there’s much to lend a hand, it’s the complication it has”, Castec started pointing out.

Thinking about what is the final stretch of the National Championship, the Blue referent gave all his support to Seba Miranda’s internship, expressing that if he won the match against Audax Italiano, the U would have a great respite with the lower part of the table and With today’s manager of the Blues, the team could have a positive release.

Passing another phase of these five finals, I think that the U is left with less chance of going down and a new rethinking is coming. Now I don’t know what rumors will come out, whether Miranda didn’t want to grab the U or she had to leave, but I’ve always said, Chilean technicians are interesting”, he explained to Bolavip.

Finally, Castec put away all his heavy artillery and He fell with everything to the striker and captain of the Blues, Ronnie Fernández, all this due to the constant controversies in which the player has been involved and because of his poor performance on the field, for which he considers that his captaincy within the team is not very serious.

“I believe that Ronnie Fernández is a complicated player, a complicated locker room player, so he has had several problems with some players and with the coach himself. I will not agree with a player who is not of the level expected, who is the captainIt is the least it should be, I think it has to be the best player or someone from the youth team like Campos. Ronnie is a complicated guy and he hasn’t walked, Let’s also think that it comes from a team that comes from relegation. The club put chips on him and it hasn’t worked out, he himself is the one who gets into these kinds of problems, ”he closed.

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