Video shows in detail what the original PlayStation 5 development kit was like

Prior to the presentation of the PlayStation 5, in 2019, the first images of the PlayStation 5 development kit came to light, time has passed and although the console has already been launched, it is thate a video shows in detail what the console development kit looks like.

The person in charge of making it known is the youtuber Macho Nacho Productionswho shared a video of what this one looks like, with its particular V shape.

Although it doesn’t stand out anymore considering the console has already been released, it’s interesting to see how different it is compared to the console’s design. Among its details, along with its shape, the enormous ventilation and the large number of USB ports that it has on its front stand out.

The development kit also has with a front screen with a variety of options for its configuration.

The article is in Spanish

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