The youtuber known as “videogamedunkey” will launch his own company to publish independent video games

Jason Gastrow, the video creator known as “video game dunkey” on YouTube, announced that he will launch his own company to publish independent video games.

Through a video published on his channel, Gastrow indicated that he would have such extensive experience in the world of video games that he would no longer be interested in waiting for the release of good titles and now intends to actively contribute to the publication of independent video games.

“I’m sick of sitting on the sidelines waiting for big games to come along. Now I want to get in there and help make this happen.” the youtuber said.

Gastrow’s new company will be called Bigmode and will be controlled by him and his wife, Leah Gastrow. All while the content creator maintains that he wants collaborations with him to serve as a go-ahead at the same time that his company will try to give developers freedom.

“I’m not looking for creative control, but I do want to participate,” Gastrow indicated.

The youtuber called those interested to contact his company, but his announcement also left several doubts. After all, experience talking about video games, or even reviewing them, does not equate to the credentials needed to successfully implement a company in the field.

Bigmode is just getting started so we can only wait to see how the company will operate and what its first game will be like.

The article is in Spanish

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