Suspect in Rockstar Games hack and ‘GTA 6’ leaks arrested

During the last hours it was announced that the London police arrested a suspect for the hacking and leaks of the video game GTA 6. Is about a 17 year old that he would be allegedly involved in cyber attacks on several companies.

The young man is being investigated for his alleged responsibility in hacking companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia and Uber. Among the English reports after the arrest it is presumed that the minor operates within the hacker group known as ‘Lapsus$’.

According to various media reports, this arrest was achieved thanks to joint work with the English National Cyber ​​Crimes Unit and the FBI.

Piracy of Rockstar Games

In addition to the brands already mentioned, among those affected was also Rockstar Games. It was precisely around this video game development company that the biggest controversy arose.

It is important to remember that the company is carrying out work to Grand Theft Auto VIa game long awaited by the gamer world.

Until now there was very little information official and what was known was based on low-level leaks provided by insiders. This, added to speculation.

But in the wake of the hack that affected Rockstar a great leak was made, with very revealing images and information. There were 3 GB of content where the playable characters, part of the gameplay, locations, the map and various game situations were shown.

The crime around the exhibited

With a suspect under arrest for hacking and leaking gta 6, It begins to investigate other possible authors. But responsibilities before justice are also established.

The young man is wrapped in a case of computer hacking that went viral and has had repercussions all over the world. For now, it only remains to wait for the determination of the authorities.

After what happened, from Rockstar Games they issued a press release where they regretted the situation, assuring to be “extremely disappointed that details of our next game are being shared with all of you in this way“.

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