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The leaks of GTA 6 They caused a stir on social networks and it was not for less. After several months since the confirmation of the project, the community finally had a reliable proof of what the next Rockstar Games video game will be. So much new information invites us to collect the most reliable data so that you are aware of what will be the next Triple A title that will break the market.

Let’s start with the most immediate: the launch of the video game. The leaks of GTA 6 they do not specify on which consoles will be able to run it. Rumors suggest that it will be an exclusive game for the next generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S) and with a possible arrival on PC.

Regarding the departure date, GTA 6 It would be arriving in stores in 2024 according to analyst estimates, although -if a setback happens- the arrival of the title could be delayed until 2025.

In 2018, alleged GTA 6 leaks pointed to the codename Project Americas, which consisted of the story of an aspiring drug dealer named Ricardo, roaming the streets of Vice City. The setting would be from the 70s and 80s. One of the familiar faces that we would see in the game is that of a young Martin Madrazo, mafia boss of GTA 5.

Another rumor that has gained strength on Twitter would be the prologue of GTA 6 with references to Brazil (as seen in Max Payne 3) in 2003, where the players witness the death of the parents of the protagonists in charge of the cartels, moving the story later to the future, with those children turned into adults. There is also talk of destructive elements on the map as the main story progresses.

GTA 6 map fragment

About the map, a leak on 4Chan advanced a supposed small fragment of what the GTA 6 scenario will be. You can see the image below.

GTA 6 map fragment

the saga Grand Theft Auto It is not characterized by its realistic dynamics, but it will add things that were not seen in GTA 5. For example, there is talk that players will be able to store their items in the trunk of cars. To this we must add that the effects of the weather will have a greater role with floods, hurricanes, etc.

It is also rumored that GTA 6 It will have a construction mode with which you can create your own crime empire. We don’t know how similar this is to real estate purchases in GTA 5, but everything indicates that players will have more freedom to build their businesses themselves and not just buy them already pre-established.

The leaks of GTA 6 They point to two protagonists, but we do not know if they are interchangeable or if there will be more. The first data indicates that there will be at least one female protagonist, something that has not been seen in previous installments of the franchise.

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